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Amazing Meteor Video... Obama Saves Earth from Asteroid...  Prez Invades Palm Beach...  Letter to the Editor Going Around Internet... Internal Walmart E-mail: Worst Sales in Seven Years...

Tony Kushner Proves My Point -- Lincoln Screenwriter Sees Obama as Revolutionary Messiah Reversing Reagan and Bush

RUSH: Obama's not causing anything. He's telling us where we're headed. Obama's policies aren't responsible for this. We're still living with the residue of Reagan!  We're living with the residue of Bush, the global catastrophe that Bush was on every level. Now, I have to tell you: I'm sitting here listening to this, and I am incredulous.

A "Triumph" of Green Energy?

RUSH: Keep in mind, the environmentalist wackos, the Democrat Party, that's the direction they want to go. Electricity from fossil fuels is one of the modern evils of the world.  And so you could safely say that, if those people get their way, most people's lives could end up looking very much like what happened on that cruise ship.

Prediction: No Sequestration

RUSH: I'm here to predict to you that there will not be sequestration, that a last-minute deal will be struck so as to avert children starving, or the Pentagon shutting down or whatever the panic, crisis, theory the Democrats use. The Republicans will cave and there will not be a sequester. Isn't that the way this stuff usually happens? 


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