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Pearls of Wisdom

"I have sat here since the Clinton years and I have been alternately shocked, stunned, depressed, angry -- you name it -- over how Democrats are never, ever, linked to the effect their policies have on people."

"If Obama is still the Dear Leader in 2016, I will venture to say it will not be an election that made it possible."

"I am surprised, ladies and gentlemen, that the Drive-Bys are not reporting on how much worse things would have been for those cruise ship passengers if the sequester cuts had kicked in."

"Obama's arriving here tonight at Palm Beach International. He's going to be arriving one hangar away from where we keep EIB 1. I was actually thinking about towing it out and having it there on the tarmac, but I gave up on that."

"When I began to hear all this talk about how Reagan was responsible for the AIDS epidemic, I said, 'Wow, has Reagan been making love with that many people? I didn't know that!'"

"The one thing you have to understand is that when leftists apologize, they're really only apologizing for you being too stupid to understand what they meant in the first place. Their apologies always boil down to: 'You just didn't understand me, but I'm sorry anyway.'"

"This whole Dorner episode on CNN was profoundly obscene and insulting to every decent person's sensibilities, but it didn't stop those people -- they just doubled down on it."

"Obama is never seen as governing; therefore, his policies are not at all responsible for what is happening. He's seen totally as somebody fighting all of this, and particularly among low-information voters. That is the key."

"As far as the American left is concerned, the Reagan years turned this country upside down in a whole bunch of ways, and a lot of them have not gotten over it."

"That cruise ship lost electricity, and if you want to see entire cities become what happened on that cruise ship, then you stand by idly and let the environmentalist wackos have their way."

"Once Obama's allowed to start taking X away, why can't he take Y and Z away?"

"If Obama ever settles in to where he's perceived as to be governing, that means he's in charge, he's responsible, and he's accountable -- but that's what he's avoided. That's why you can have polling data showing that 60% of the people oppose Obama's agenda, yet still support him."

"Persuasion a huge task. There are not very many people who can do it on a mass basis, and even fewer who can do it on an individual basis. It's a very hard thing to really talk somebody out of what they think they know."

"Liberal Democrats are never really concerned about real life slavery that exists today in other parts of the world, but, boy, do they go to town on the pretend slavery that doesn't exist anymore here in America!"

"When Reagan took office the marginal tax rate was 70%; by the time he left office, it was 28%, and revenues to the Treasury doubled. Ronald Reagan did more to elevate lower, middle-income people than anything anybody had ever done prior."

"You know, there's an old Indian proverb: 'You cannot wake someone up who is only pretending to be asleep.' I heard this attending a Washington Redskins game."


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