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Will the Sequester Kill Us All?

RUSH:  Every day takes us one day closer.  It's a quirk of the calendar.  Every day we get closer to it.  And I'm gonna tell you, I don't know what's gonna kill more people now -- assault weapons, global warming, or the sequester.  If you listen to Obama and his minions in the news media, they're all running neck and neck.  

What is Speaker Boehner Thinking?

RUSH: The Republicans support the sequester.  They're on record as supporting it.  Even though it's Obama's idea, they support it.  It's the only way we're gonna get some budget cuts, and they're infinitesimal anyway.  But the question is, why would Republicans support something that does what Boehner says it's gonna do?  Threatens US national security, thousands of jobs could be lost. Boehner's calling the cuts deep, when they're not.


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