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Pearls of Wisdom

"We're being lied to, is the point. We're being scared to death, fear mongered, and it seems like every month and a half or threee months there is a new budget crisis and the same crap gets rolled out."

"I tell you, I don't know what's going to kill more people now: assault weapons, global warming, or the sequester."

"The free market is at work, but that option is not going to be around long once Obamacare is fully implemented."

"When you accuse the left of something that they haven't yet proposed, you can gauge how correct you are by looking at their reaction. If they throw up their arms and start squealing and moaning about how you're such a racist-sexist-bigot-homophobe, you can guarantee you've hit the nail on the head."

"By the way, yesterday we suggested that Fergie and her husband, Josh Duhamel, should name their baby 'Sequester'. We've received no reaction to that, but we're keeping a sharp eye."

"We need to talk about race? We need to stop talking about race. The very leftists who are out there every day charging others with racism are the very same people engaging in it by suggesting that the first thing that you notice about somebody is their skin color."

"Now, folks, you know the left as well as I do. Once they start something -- once they propose something -- it doesn't go away."

"So they're teaching university students that it's not fair to be white. How long is it going to be before they start teaching kids that being a legal citizen is unfair and discriminatory? Don't laugh."

"The Constitution's not really cool right now, if you haven't noticed. The Constitution is not hip. The Constitution, to liberals, is a roadblock to so much fun that we could have."

"So F. Chuck Todd is asking, how many times can Obama get away with this -- playing Chicken Little? The answer to that is simple, Chuck: as many times as you let him get away with it."

"Obama doesn't care about his legacy of a bad economy right now. Hell, a bad economy is what he's aiming for."

"So Jesse Jackson Jr. engages in some criminal activities, and to CNN it's a sad day for the whole civil rights community? What did he ever do for it anyway? He wasn't at Selma."

"If low-information voters ever see that we can cut government spending and the world won't end... that's something I don't think Obama can afford."

"The ruling elites in both parties in Washington think that all this limited government stuff is caca: they don't believe in it, they don't think it's possible, they're not serious about budget cuts, and they're certainly not serious about reducing the size of government."

"'Misty' is one of my all-time, top ten favorite female names. I remember the movie, too. As a radio guy, I will never forget that movie."

"Until we're talking about cuts of trillions of dollars, we're not serious. Cuts of $85 billion over three or four years is inconsequential, and yet you see the utter panic that this is greeted with in Washington."

"I only know how to be honest."


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