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What Makes Me Ashamed of My Country

RUSH: If we've gotten to the point, in my mind, where we have to take time and tell adults in this country, "No, the Republicans don't want your son to starve" -- if we actually have to take time and say that, and then whether or not they believe it is an open question -- then what's there to be proud of?  If hundreds of thousands, or millions, whatever, adults actually believe that there are people who want their kids to starve in this country, then not only is that shameful, it's just downright embarrassing. 

Let's Just Freeze Spending

RUSH: That would have been a relatively painless way to go about this. It was sensible, but, boy, it just didn't fit the political template of the Democrat Party. You just don't do that. "What? Freeze the budget? No new spending? Why, that's absurd! Government can't function without new spending."


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