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Holder Joins Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong
RUSH: Eric Holder. "US Department of Justice to Join Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong." Now, the US Postal Service gave Armstrong's team $40 million. It was one of his sponsors. "The Justice Department will notify a federal court Friday," it already has, "that it is joining one of his former racing teammates in suing him for using performance-enhancing drugs during the Tour de France...

"The government is signing on to a lawsuit filed two years ago by Floyd Landis, one of Armstrong's former Tour de France teammates who has already admitted cheating." So everybody is now gonna make a run at Lance Armstrong to get sponsorship money back, and one of the reasons the government's doing this is because he went on Oprah and admitted it. He thought he was coming clean, cleansing his soul and absolving himself by seeking absolution from Oprah. He went on Oprah and admitted it.

That makes him an easier target as far as the litigants are concerned.

Detroit Tops Forbes Most Miserable City List
RUSH: Forbes magazine is out with their 2013 list of America's most miserable cities. (interruption) Yeah, it's a no-brainer that Detroit is number one. (chuckles) You know, we love Detroit. We have a great radio station in Detroit, WJR. I've been to Detroit a number of times, and it's a shame. We love the place. But we hate to see what's happened to it. Here are the other nine in order. Detroit is number one. The second most miserable place in the country to live is Flint, Michigan.

The third most miserable place to live is Rockford, Illinois. The fourth most miserable place to live in the country is Chicago. The fifth most miserable place to live in the country is Modesto, California. The sixth most miserable place to live is Vallejo, California. The seventh most miserable place to live in America is Warren, Michigan. Wow, that's three in Michigan. Detroit, Flint, and Warren are in the top seven. The eighth most miserable place to live in America is Stockton, California.

That's how they say it on the PBS station in Sacramento: Stok'ton. 'Cause the TV station, it "serves Sacramento, Stok'ton." It's whatever the call letters are, KPPB Sacramento/Stockton. Lake County, Illinois, the ninth worst/most miserable city in America. Number ten is New York City. So you have three in Michigan, you've got three in Illinois, you have three in California, and you've got one in New York.

There is something that all ten of these places have in common. Every one of them not only is run by liberal Democrats, but has been run by liberal Democrats as far back as anybody can see with one exception. That would be New York and Mayor Giuliani. But in addition to all of them being run by liberal Democrats, they have all featured unions with unchecked power. So the combination of liberal Democrats and unions is a harbinger, if you will.

"The Americans" on FX
RUSH:  Have you seen the new TV show on FX called The Americans?  It's about Soviet KGB agents living near Washington as Americans, man and wife.  It happened.  It really did, but this is a show about it.  Last night the episode was when Reagan was assassinated.  The show's got its moments.  Anyway, they just renewed it for next year.  Remind me to talk about this we get back on Monday 'cause it's an interesting object lesson.







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