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Pearls of Wisdom

"If spending more money this year than we did last year is going to bring this country to its knees, shouldn't that tell us that the government has way too much control over our lives? Shouldn't that tell us that they have seriously overreached?" 

"If any business ran itself the way our federal government does, the people in charge of it would be in jail." 

"What would the founders think to hear about all the things our supposedly limited federal government has its tentacles on? Everything from school lunches to meat inspectors... It's stunning."

"John Kerry is in Berlin. He's probably reminiscing about the good old days of the Cold War, wishing that there were an East Berlin that he could visit: 'Hey, I'm the guy who threw those fake metals from my Vietnam War service over the White House fence. Remember me?'"

"Ronaldus Magnus went to Berlin and said, 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.' JFK went to Berlin and said, 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' John Kerry went to Berlin and said, 'In America, you have a right to be stupid.'"

"The Republicans are faced with the usual dilemma: Do they agree with Obama and the Democrats and be seen as compassionate, big-hearted lovers of people? Or do they, in their effort to try and save this country from destruction, be seen as the equivalent of heartless killers?" 

"Obamacare will result in this country spending $6.2 trillion it otherwise would not spend -- that's the only way to look at this, and that's just obscene." 

"Congresswoman Lee, we have a 'Department of Peace'. You know what it's called? The Pentagon." 

 "Health care is expensive because somebody pays for it -- but it's not the patient. There is no direct relationship between the consumer and the provider in health care, and if there were, you would see prices come down faster than anything else you could do." 

"All those Y2K people are now looked at as a bunch of panic-filled kooks, right? Well, that's what the Democrats are afraid of here, so they're in a position where they're hoping for disasters to occur with this sequester so that they will be validated."

"The bottom line is, what Obama is predicting someday is going to happen -- if his policies are not reversed. No cops, no firefighters, no first responders... We're not going to be able to afford anything in a few short years. We are going to have a collapse." 

"I'm not ashamed of the country as founded, and I'm not ashamed to be an American. I'm ashamed at what's being done to this country, and I'm ashamed that there doesn't seem to be any resistance to it." 

"The government doesn't have to earn what they're spending; they get to spend your money. It's all Monopoly money to them."

"As far as the current president is concerned, he couldn't care less about debt, deficits, and budgets. In fact, the more we spend and the more irresponsibly we spend it, the better, as far as his plans for the for the country are concerned."

"Have you ever been around when an American jet flies over? That's the sound of freedom."

"What we are being subjected to by our government makes me ashamed. Not the Constitution, not the country, not the way we're founded! The current government and the way it's dealing with us make me ashamed. We're having our intelligence insulted every day."
"The worst thing that can happen is for this sequester to happen after Obama has made all these disaster predictions and everything ends up fine and nobody even notices. Because then the conclusion is, 'Well, we can cut government and there's no harm.'"


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