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"I'm just not sure that what we're dealing with here is a 'you're gonna have a dead horse in your bed tomorrow morning' kind of threat, but I do think the White House is gonna take care of Woodward with a death panel down the road."

"All these media guys are conflicted.  They loved Woodward.  Woodward is God, Woodward is their idol, but Obama's the Creator.  Who do they side with?" 

"The questions at the NFL scouting combine appear to have touched on some subjects that are not supposed to come up in job interviews.  Apparently they're asking prospects, 'Are you heterosexual?' Now, for most of them that's a question on an IQ test.  You gotta know what that word means." 

"I hadn't planned on offering grief counseling services for those hurt by the sequester tomorrow, but I'll be glad to help 'em through their darkest hours, and there will be some dark hours starting tomorrow." 

"That's what the entertainment media is all about, access to celebrities.  It's what the sports media is, too.  Basically you have a bunch of groupies."

"That's right.  It was I, El Rushbo, who first drew the comparison to Obama and Nixon.  And I think I even did it during the 2008 presidential campaign." 

 "I don't have these mental blocks very often, but when I do, they really frustrate me."

"There can't be any common ground because that would require Obama putting his name to something.  Obama can never be seen governing." 

"We've got an education deficit in this country.  We have people that have been taught a bunch of absolute worthless crap in the public education system, and that's gonna have to change, too, if we're gonna have a serious, prolonged, successful reversal of the direction the country is going in."

"How does a guy like Van Jones end up in the administration, Rush?  How does Obama get fooled with a guy like that? He's not fooled.  He picked Van Jones.  I tell you, everybody in this administration, Obama knows him, he wants them doing what they're doing." 

"Look, this administration is a reflection of Obama.  It's not a bunch of renegades who are acting without Obama's knowledge.  He's not one of these distant, unattached chief executives.  Not when it comes to the media."

"The president of the United States was called out last night on CNN by David Gergen.  Has anybody seen David Gergen today?" 

"At the end of the day Obama wants the chaos, unsettledness, and unrest because he wants the Republicans blamed for it.  He wants to be seen as the great compromiser.  He wants to be seen as the guy trying to fix this." 

"Obama's flooding the zone, folks. Five or six thousand, maybe 8,000 illegals have been released from jail, from detention."

"I come here every day with my theories. I get evidence to back it up 'cause I want you to be informed, educated, and understand, and that's why I'm doing all of this." 

"We, of course, know what the solution is.  It's not Obama.  Obama, like every other liberal, is going to have to be defeated."

"The Republican Party doesn't want to think ideologically.  They don't want to go to liberal versus conservative.  And, frankly, until that happens, we don't have a chance at turning this around." 


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