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Homeless Guy Sues Parents
RUSH: Here's a story out of New York:  "A 32-year-old Brooklyn man is suing his parents, claiming he wasn't loved enough and, because of their neglect, he is homeless and jobless." What are you nodding your head for?  You agree?  It's about time, you think?  Well, bad parenting, government needs to take over.  See, if the government were loving him when he was a kid, this probably wouldn't have happened.  At least, if he were homeless, he'd be paid for it.  Guess I get it. 

NFL Investigates Politically Incorrect Combine Questions
RUSH: The National Football League is going to investigate alleged impermissible combine questions by certain teams. "In light of the Manti Te'o situation, the questions at the NFL scouting combine during player interviews over the weekend appear to have touched on some subjects that aren't supposed to come up in job interviews -- namely, sexual orientation." Apparently they're asking prospects, "Are you heterosexual?"  I don't know that they're saying, "Are you gay?"  They're saying, "Are you heterosexual?" 

Now, for most of them that's a question on an IQ test.  You gotta know what that word means.  So I don't know what kind of -- (laughing) -- sorry, folks.  I'm in a mood today.  I don't know what kind of reaction that's gonna get.

Pope Benedict Retires to Castel Gandolfo
RUSH: The sequester, we are counting down the hours now. I'm surprised I don't see a countdown clock at MSNBC.  They'll count down the hours until a press conference.  They'll count down the hours until Obama has the dinner.  They'll count down the hours until he'll throw Netanyahu out of the White House.  There is no sequester count down here, anywhere.  There's no sequester count down at CNN.  They've all been occupied with the pope quitting and flying off to Castel Gandolfo.  Have you seen that place?  It is stunning.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Castel Gandolfo, overlooking the lake there.  It's about 15 miles away from Rome.  I first heard of it in a novel by Robert Ludlum, Road to Gandolfo.  I never heard of it.  So I said, "What's this?"  It's the summer residence of the pope.  And guess what the book was about? 

Donna Brazile's Illustrative Tweet
RUSH: Donna Brazile was not kidding.  We had this tweet yesterday, she really doesn't know why her insurance premiums went up.  I don't know if she's said more, but -- well, yeah, she did.  It's not another tweet, but I've seen people talk to her, done stories about it.  She is totally clueless about the impact of Obamacare on the cost of health care.  She was not joking, having fun or making whatever would have been a strategic political point.  She really was shocked that her health insurance is becoming more expensive.  That to me is... a lot of things.  I don't want to laugh about it.  It is funny.  But it is really illustrative of just exactly who we're dealing with here. They believe their own PR, some of them do.

It's really mind-boggling at times try keep up with these people, you know, 'cause on one hand we think they're smarter than everybody and outfox us at every turn.  And I've always tried to tell people, no, they're not.  You think they're brilliant marketers and strategerists, and it's not that.  They've the media backing 'em up every day of the week.  They've got the media covering their bases, covering their mistakes, doing the destruction of their opponents for them each and every day.  They don't have to be perfect, and they aren't.  They fail all over the place.  The thing they do is promote their failures so that their failures don't take down the movement.

Maxine Waters: Sequester Will Cost 170 Million Jobs
RUSH: By the way, Maxine Waters said today that the sequester will cost 170 million jobs. Maxine Waters says it'll cost 170 million jobs! There are only 140 million jobs in the country, folks. So there.





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