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Pearls of Wisdom

"The pressure is on to make you feel the sequester. Whether you feel it or not, the pressure is on."

"Imagine that: arguably one of the most well endowed intellects in the court's history, Antonin Scalia, was accused of sounding like me."

"I want you to be ready for an onslaught of stories about how people are suffering because of the sequester, even though you're not."

"So we've got the new secretary of state, Dennis Rodman, just back from North Korea talking to Kim Jong-Un, who just wants Obama to call him. Man, what a foreign policy team: Joe Biden, John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), and Dennis Rodman (who played for the Pistons)."

"Everything Obama is doing is aimed at the midterm elections in 2014, and his target is the House of Representatives. The only thing Obama cares about -- and the only thing he's ever cared about -- is eliminating any viable opposition." 

"The Republicans have caved more than the sinkhole up in Tampa. They never get any credit for it, but the Republicans have compromised in ways that have damaged themselves with their own voters."

"The country as founded is hanging by a thread and it all revolves around the fact that nobody has any money. The states don't have any money. The federal government doesn't have any money... Well, they don't have nearly what they spend, but that doesn't matter: they can print it or borrow it." 

"As far as Obama and the Democrats are concerned, they've got all the money in the world. There's no deficit or national debt as far as they're concerned." 

"A human being is born into socialism, in a sense. A human being is born incapable of providing for himself; it's impossible."

"The sequester's over; it's a deal. The illegals got let loose, but when the sequester's over they'll report back for duty at prison."

"If we could send any of these people over there to research this and find out what really happened in Benghazi, who would be more likely to find the truth and then tell us? Dennis Rodman, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or Barack Obama?"

"I know there are people who hate this country, but I don't understand it. Of all the countries in the world to hate, this isn't the one."

"I think the word 'sequester' just bamboozles people. When you hear the word 'sequester', what does it mean to you? Seriously, now. What does it mean?"


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