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ChiComs to Overtake US as Biggest Luxury Car Market
RUSH: The ChiComs, ladies and gentlemen, some of the news today is just unbelievably depressing.  The ChiComs "China will overtake the United States as the world's biggest luxury car market as early as 2016, as rising incomes and desire for status boost premium auto brands, a consultancy said Monday.  Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company said China is already the second biggest market for 'premium' cars after the United States, with sales of 1.25 million vehicles last year. ... McKinsey defined the 'premium; segment in China as cars costing from 200,000 yuan to 1.2 million yuan ($32,000 to $190,000)."

Now, $32,000 that's not luxury. In fact, there was a story, I didn't get a chance to get to it on Friday, but it dovetails with this.  McKinsey & Company says that the ChiComs -- folks, this is a communist country now -- the ChiComs are going to become the world's largest luxury car market.  That's troublesome.  Because that says more about the direction we're headed than it does about the direction the ChiComs are headed.  Now, the story on Friday was that average American families of four can no longer practically, relatively easily afford a brand-new car.  Economic circumstances, low income increases, wage increases and so forth, have all combined to put the average price of a new car out of range for an increasing number of American families. 

In many cases the average price of a new car now exceeds the annual income of a significant percentage of the population.  Now, I'm getting snarky comments in the IFB.  "No, no, that's horrible, that's terrible."  Folks, it's emblematic of the direction our economy is headed.  It isn't good.  There's a lot of truth wrapped up in that statistic.  Snerdley says, "Here come the subsidies."  They tried the subsidies on the Volt and it didn't work.


Yeah.  Well, but the subsidies for the Tesla, that's a high-end electric car.

Charlie Daniels on Ammo Shortage
RUSH: How are people gonna get health care without the government?  How are people gonna get ammunition without the government? 

Charlie Daniels has a piece today.  I put it somewhere in the middle of the stack.  I didn't think I'd get to it this quickly.  But Charlie Daniels has a column today saying, have you noticed how difficult it is to find ammo today?  For you people that own guns and use them for hunting and recreational purposes, have you found how hard it is to find ammo?  His conclusion is that the government is somehow limiting the availability of ammo.  And he says if they can do that, why can't they, say, affect the supply of food or anything else that they want to impact?  Charlie Daniels is no kook freak extremist by any stretch of the imagination. 

IRS Writes New Obamacare Excise Tax on Insurance Companies
RUSH: The Internal Revenue Service late Friday posted a draft of proposed health insurance provider fee regulations. In other words, the IRS today has proposed a brand-new tax previously nonexistent to help pay for Obamacare.

The IRS is going to write the regulations. It's an excise tax, if you will, on health care. And the story I have here from Life Health Pro: "IRS: How Should We Treat the New Health Insurer 'Fee'? -- Consumer representatives and others are trying to get the IRS to write the regulations in such a way that the agency will discourage health insurance providers from trying to 'recover a large portion of the fee from policyholders,' officials said in a preamble to draft regulations. The rulemaking notice is set to appear in the Federal Register Monday. Comments will be due 60 days after the official publication date." Meaning there's two months for people to weigh in on it.

"The proposed regulations are supposed to help the IRS implement Section 9010 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA). PPACA will require 'covered entities' that are 'engaged in the business of providing health insurance' to pay a total of $8 billion in 'fee amount' in 2014, $11.3 billion in 2015." This is a tax on health insurers which is gonna get passed on to you. A new excise tax. It's been in Obamacare all along, just nobody ever talked about it, until Friday, when the IRS announced that they're going to be submitting the proposal for comment today.

Now, in two months, everybody can weigh in and say we don't want it, we don't want any part. It won't matter. This thing is going to happen. A brand-new excise tax on insurance companies, i.e., covered entities, engaged in the process of providing health insurance. This is your private sector health insurance company, facing a new excise tax. What are they gonna do? Add it to your premiums. And this is just one of many little nickel and dime things that's gonna be happening at the secretary's discretion. This tax alone will mean that next year a person buying coverage on his or her own will pay an additional $110. Small businesses will pay an additional $360 for each family they cover. Seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage will face $220 in reduced benefits and higher out-of-pocket costs. This is just one of them.

Remember, your premiums are already skyrocketing now because of other Obamacare regulations. This is a new one. Another $110 bucks if you self-insure. Another $360 for you small business owners to insure every family you cover. And if you are a seasoned citizen getting Medicare Advantage your benefits will be cut by $220 bucks. That's what's being proposed. It doesn't go into effect today. It's proposed today. It will go into effect in a couple of months, after the comment period. Donna Brazile will not hear about this. She's still trying to figure out why her premiums are going up.

The Ignorance of Democrats
RUSH: So a reporter asked Jay Carney at the White House today, "Are you going to have examples --"  I'm paraphrasing because this is what the question really meant.  "Are you going to have examples of people who are affected by the sequester?  Will there be chances for us to talk to those people?"  And Carney said, "Well, yeah, Americans will come forth and be heard, affected by the sequester."  That was an automatic gimme.  That's in the cards.  That'll happen by Wednesday, if it's not already happening on your favorite cable news network.  I imagine what they're doing today is actually sending their reporters out to do man-on-the-street interviews. They're trying to find people affected by the sequester whether they are or not and have 'em tell their tales of woe.  I mean, it's a given.  You know that's gonna happen. 

For example, breaking news from AP right now.  " Sequestration: Pentagon to Furlough Military Teachers, Cut Commissary Hours."  That's the headline.  From the article.  "The Pentagon says it will be forced to furlough about 15,000 military school teachers and staff around the world because of the automatic budget cuts that took effect last Friday, but the department will manage the process so that the schools don't lose their accreditation."

Oh, thank God.  Oh-ho.  That's what we were really worried about.  Now, the left ought to be cheering because they're not gonna be able to teach war.  That's what military teachers do.  You know what the purpose of war is, is to kill people and break things.  That's what an army is entrusted with, that responsibility.  "Well, Mr. Limbaugh, that is a very, very, very vicious way to describe the purpose of the Army."  Well, I'm sorry, Mr. New Castrati, but that's what it is.  The Army has one purpose, to kill people and break things.  But, sadly, to the left, no, it's Meals on Wheels, disaster relief, you know, social things.  But that's what the purpose of the military is, kill people and break things.  So they're not gonna be able to teach that because of the sequester.  So the left ought to be cheering.  No more teaching about how to kill people and break things. 

However, if you read further, which people aren't gonna do, all they're gonna see is that headline:  "Pentagon to Furlough Military Teachers, Cut Commissary Hours."  They'll read the headline, "Oh, my God, oh, my God."  But if you read further you find out what it really means.  Teachers will likely have to take a day off each week, since the school day can't legally be shortened.  So the number of hours taught isn't even going to decline or decrease.  They're just gonna close down a day but they'll expand the education day and the four days a week that they are working.  So there will be no cut in education time, just one day a week they're not paid.  They're not closing the war colleges.  They're not teaching. They're not shutting down the teaching of war process or any of that.  And the same thing with the commissary. 

So they're getting paid long weekends.  And, by the way, all these people are gonna get their back pay.  They always do. In any government shutdown or furlough circumstance, they always get their back pay as a matter of law.  So all of this is moot.  That doesn't matter.  All that matters is you're gonna see, starting soon, an endless parade of pain and suffering.  And the Republicans will be blamed for it.  Reagan, Republicans will all be blamed for it. 

We were talking about health care earlier today and the eight governors who have caved on the Medicaid expansion, which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court said that the federal government cannot mandate the states pick up the costs of Medicaid in Obamacare.  And a bunch of governors, Republican governors joined the lawsuit, 26 of them, opposing Obamacare and went on the record originally as saying they would not accept this responsibility.  Now, eight of them have caved and it's probably going to increase.  They're caving over $300 billion that the federal government is dangling and they're doing it 'cause they need the money.  They don't have any money.  They don't have a way of executing this mandate.

It's gonna be like the hundred thousand cops was back during the Clinton years.  New federal program to ensure the safety of our citizens.  A hundred thousand new cops, paid for by the federal government.  Little asterisk there.  For a year and a half or two years.  And then after that, the cities and the states have to pick up the cost, or fire the cops.  It's gonna be the same thing here.  After a short period of time, there won't be any Obama bucks for Medicare at state level.  They'll cut it back, but the money will be committed, the citizens will be expecting it, the hospitals will be expecting it, and so the states will have to raise taxes to pay for it.  And the vicious cycle will continue. 

The vicious cycle ultimately is about the citizens of this country having less and less money every year.  The citizens of this country's taxes are gonna go up and up.  They will have less and less disposable income.  That's the objective.  It's all gonna be transferred to the government one way or the other. 


RUSH: We had this joke with our Skyfall song last week, the parody song, and we ended it with that sound bite of Maxine Waters claiming that 170 million jobs would be lost, and there are only 140 million jobs in the country.  And the point here, Donna Brazile, a leading Democrat campaign strategist, honestly, intellectually, was shocked her premium is going up.  Maxine Waters, somebody told her and she believes, that the sequester will kill 170 million jobs when there are only 140 million jobs in the country.  Now, the point is, just how genuinely ignorant are these people who are running our lives?  How genuinely seriously ignorant is Maxine Waters?  How much does she know that isn't so?  I think you would be shocked at the lack of information these people have. 

It doesn't matter a hill of beans if they had the information, it wouldn't change the way they think.  It's just that this whole notion that we always expect our government to be made up of people better than we are, smarter than we are.  I don't think it's even close now to being true. 

Obamacare Makes System More Unfair
RUSH: From the Boston Globe: "Health Costs in Mass. Are Heading Upward -- Threaten state’s cap on rate of increase; mergers, changes in care alter picture."  An Obamacare rule "intended to increase fairness in health care will make it more unfair -- and expensive -- for small employers."  That's actually in this story.  Obamacare rules "intended to increase fairness in health care will make it more unfair -- and expensive -- for small employers."  Right here it is.  "The result is that a US law intended to increase fairness in health care will make it more unfair -- and expensive -- for small employers, said Jon B. Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts."

And then in the New York Times, headline, story by Robert Pear:  "Obama Asks Health Plans to Report Rising Rates -- The Obama administration says it will require health insurance companies to report all price increases, no matter how small, to the federal government so officials can monitor the impact of the new health care law and insurers’ compliance with it. ... 'The purpose of this policy is to identify patterns that could indicate market disruption, which could occur given the additional standards that apply” to insurance starting next year.'"

So the Obama administration is asking insurance companies and providers to report to them their rate increases.  Now, why do you think they're doing that?  Now, just stop and think for a minute.  It's not what the story says.  It's not so they keep track of how much it's costing and how much increase is, that's not why.  Well, partly intimidation.  It's partly they're trying to intimidate the providers and so forth.  But the reason that they are asking for these companies to report their price increases is so that the Obama administration can blame them for it.  Note, they are not being asked to explain why the prices they charge are going up.  They are just being asked to report price increases, rate increases.  This gives the regime the paperwork.  "See, these people are doing it.  We're not raising their rates.  You know, Pink Cross of Utah here, raising their rates 25%.  We got the paperwork. They admitted it right here." 


It doesn't matter.  It's the Obama rules making 'em raise rates.  Remember, we're doing this for the low-information voter.  Everything's being done for the low-information voter.  So what happens is low-information voter health insurance premium goes up, and Obama's gonna have paperwork, "Yep, yep, they've reported to us.  And we're working on it."  And the health insurer, "But wait a minute, wait a minute, it's Obamacare that's making us raise rates." 

"Oh, right.  You big businesspeople, you like to pass it off on everybody.  It's never your fault."  That's how it'll play out.  This is to insulate the regime from any blame or association.

Michelle Obama: Dogs Need Proper Diet Just Like Kids
RUSH:  Get this, folks.  "During her Google Hangout today, First Lady Michelle Obama reminded the audience that dogs need a proper diet and exercise, just like children do."  I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  "The First Lady admitted that President Obama liked to tease their own dog, 'Bo' for being lazy, but that they encouraged her girls to take him on walks.  'Dogs are no different,' Michelle Obama explained to a woman on the chat. 'You want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet, and if they are not an active dog, make sure that their food is reflective of an inactive dog and then get them out there and throw that ball and get them running.'"

The First Lady said it was important to worry about every member of the family.  I'm not making this up.  Google hangout, Moochelle Obama. 




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