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Pearls of Wisdom

"The whole premise of this program has been to create the largest universe possible of informed, participating, caring individuals who actually try to effect change in this country based on being informed, and we've done a magnificent job -- we've just been outnumbered."

"I'm not about getting credit; besides, being right is its own validation."

"It is clear that the Obama administration doesn't just need the American people to feel pain -- it wants you to feel pain. It is the number one requirement in order for Obama to succeed at what he's ultimately attempting to achieve: disqualifying Republicans in the eyes of voters."

"The Lingerie Football League has announced that Lauren Silberman is not good enough for their league, that they're only interested in real football players. Well, that's what they told TMZ. See, I follow things. I'm hip. That's how I know this."

"Presidents accept the responsibility; they take on the challenges. But Obama's getting out of the way and letting chaos happen, or, at worst, making it happen -- and garnering political advantage as a result."

"If I were president, I would take advantage of the bully pulpit to educate the American people who don't know about the truth about liberalism -- I certainly would not try to accommodate it!"

"I think it makes perfect sense for Obama to be doing what he's doing, given who he is. He's an authoritarian. He doesn't like two-party accommodation. He wants one party domination rule."

"We're into the fifth year of Obama, and you can read pieces from so-called intelligent people on our side who are just now figuring out that Obama lies (on purpose), and maybe all this is by design -- maybe. Most don't quite want to make that leap yet, though."

"This point about pain and suffering equaling achievement and success -- not just for Obama, but for the Democrat Party, as well -- is insidious, and it certainly is not what this country has ever been about."

"The CBO announced that the federal government is going to take in a record number of dollars via tax revenue this year: $2.7 trillion. If there was ever any illusion that our budget problems are spending-side focused, this is it. Even with a record year of tax revenue, it's still not enough for Obama and the Democrats."

"The Keystone pipeline is a great example of the whole idea that this administration is not devoted to improving things in this country."

"Rush Limbaugh, serving humanity simply by being here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. There are only two of those, by the way, and of course I have them both: one's here, and one's over there. Oh, it's not over there. It's over there."

"You can't listen to this program for very long and be a low-information voter."

"Fidel Castro has been running Cuba into the ground since 1960, and he still talks about the revolution. He's still fighting those evil Bautista forces! The revolution still hasn't been completed yet! All popular dictators do it this way, folks. Mao Tse-tung, Castro... they all never stop."

"If we had at the electoral level somebody who could articulate conservatism passionately from the heart, without a teleprompter, without notes, we wouldn't be in this mess."

"We've heard reports that the audience growth rate here expands proportionately to the number of times we mention the Kardashians."


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