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Pearls of Wisdom

"Do you think it might bother the left that, while the country of Venezuela is basically a sewer, Chavez is worth $2 billion that he did not have when he assumed the presidency? Do you think it might bother somebody like Sean Penn or Oliver Stone or Diane Sawyer or Piers Morgan or Barbara Walters or Larry King?"

"There's nobody who cares more about you than you, and there's nobody better equipped to take care of you than you."

"The real tragedy regarding the death of Hugo Chavez is that he didn't have time to give his $2 billion to the poor -- because we all know he intended to. We all know that he was a man of compassion and understanding and love and devotion for the poor. Sadly, however, George Bush and the CIA gave him cancer."

"Rand Paul has actually taken to the floor of the Senate, and he's vowing to stay there at length in order to filibuster Brennan. I hope he means it, and I hope they bring in a Port-A-Potty."

"The dirty little secret is that the number of poor people in Venezuela skyrocketed during Hugo Chavez's presidency. He did not take care of the poor, but he made them think he did. Chavez's family has an estate in excess of $2 billion. Whatever Chavez took out of the country, he gave to himself."

"Maybe it's Pollyanish, but I've always believed that the most effective way to have a functioning, thriving, great country is to have as many educated, informed, confident, happy citizens pursuing excellence as possible."

"It doesn't benefit me to lie to people. They're eventually going to find out the truth, and then where am I? That's the problem with liberalism and socialism, by the way: it has to be propped up by lies."

"I'm sure many of you are going to disagree with this, but I don't think Obama is that sharp. I don't think he's the smartest guy in the room, and I don't think he's automatically charismatic."

"The Republican Party lost because four million of its conservative voters didn't show up. You can sit there and wring your hands over losing the election, but at some point somebody on the Republican side is going to have to stand up and start defining for people who Obama is, rather than acquiescing to all his stuff."

"I think a bunch of people are afraid to be critical of Obama because they're going to be accused of racism, and they don't want to go anywhere near that. And this is Saul Alinsky, folks. This is a playbook that has been written by radicals decades ago."

"By the way, if you happen to be somebody who had your White House tour canceled, all is not lost. If you can come up with -- and I'm not kidding -- 500,000 dollars, you can buy a meeting with the president."

"It just boils down to an unarguable truth: the left, the Democrat Party, cannot survive in the arena of ideas. Their ideas are still opposed by a majority of the people in this country, so their only way to success is through intimidation."

"All the left needs to do is set out to destroy the character and the reputations of people who oppose them. In my case, none of these people who rip me or criticize me ever say I'm wrong about anything -- they just characterize me as some mean-spirited extremist you-know-what."

"If you get rich in the name of the poor, fine and dandy. The problem is when you earn it. If you earn the money in the private sector by starting a business and hiring a lot of people, that's when you become the enemy."

"Mitt Romney and other Republicans are the focus of evil, but Hugo Chavez? A hero to the left. To me, folks, this is just another reason why you don't compromise with these people: we have nothing in common with them."

"Eric Holder said that a drone strike on American soil, on an American, in the United States, could be, quote, 'necessary and appropriate under the Constitution'. ou ever think you'd see the day?"

"As far as the low-information voters understand these things, why would we be flying drones over the country? Obviously, to get people like Romney. I mean, we're doing it for the poor."