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Yahoo CEO Bans Working from Home
RUSH: Folks, a lot of people are asking me in the e-mail -- none of you on the phone have -- but I'm being hit with this quite a lot, actually, "What do you think of the Yahoo CEO refusing to let people work at home anymore, demanding they all show back up at the office?"  Well, I happen to know why she did it.  She did some research.  She checked the VPN network, the private network that the employees at home use to do their work.  She found out that they weren't working, that people at home are taking care of the kids or running around shopping. 

They weren't doing nearly the amount of work that they would be doing if they were in the office.  She just found out that they were sloughing off, a lot of them.  Enough of them were that she had to change the policy.  Now, Yahoo is not exactly at the top of the heap.  They're gonna have to make some changes if they're to recapture lost glory.  But she's taken a lot of heat for this, and she hasn't backed off the decision.  A lot of people expected her to crumble at the onslaught of pressure, but she hasn't yet.  But she apparently did enough actual research, actually acquired data and made a decision based on that rather than philosophy or emotions. 

GOP Leadership Shoots Down Gohmert Golf Amendment
RUSH: Now, you people, you might have heard Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert attempted to attach an amendment to a forthcoming budget resolution bill that essentially said, as long as the White House tours are shut down, that the federal government will not spend a dime transporting Barack Obama to play golf. And the Republican leadership shot it down. The Republican leadership did not permit the Gohmert amendment to have any life whatsoever. They thought it was petty. They thought it would attract undue attention and would focus people in the wrong areas and make the Republicans look petty.

But Louie made his point, and it's a good point. All right, if you're gonna shut down the tours where seven people work, seven people, these are self-guided tours. The way they work out now, people have to make arrangements for these things, in many case a month in advance. It's not something you just walk up and do. So Gohmert said, "Okay, fine, if you're gonna shut down the White House tours, then we're not gonna pay for you to go play golf on the weekends or whenever you go." And the leadership said, "We can't do that. That's silly." It's not silly. It is actually a good point.

Chronic Tension is Hurting Women's Mental Clarity
RUSH:  We had the story yesterday on women dying prematurely in America.  Life expectancy is plummeting.  Today, a little bit more on that story about how chronic tension is hurting women's mental clarity.



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