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Pearls of Wisdom

"We are not on the losing side when it comes to the majority of thinking in this country. We are being governed by an ever-shrinking minority, and until these young bucks in the Republican Senate showed up, there was nobody willing to oppose them."

"It's never a question of need, it's what you end up being worth to somebody."

"We're scared to death of what's happening to this country. The Democrats are destroying it, and people on our side don't seem to see that (or if they do, don't seem to care), and that's frustrating as it can be."

"Ailes calling Biden 'dumb as an ashtray'... I would say 'pencil eraser', but it's hard to compare the two."

"These White House tours are like a lot of museum tours. You walk in, you're told in your headphones what you're looking at, and there are people to shepherd you and make sure you don't walk in on the president and a girl in the restroom."

"While the old guard of the Republican Party was out playing footsie with the president, the new kids in town were talking to the American people about liberty, and the new kids captivated the nation."

"You cannot have this many millions of Americans continually ignored and unrepresented in a representative democracy without having a price to pay for it."

"Senator McCain, there's not a person in the world who cares about the 'rules of the Senate' right now. And if the 'rules of the Senate' were abused last night for the American people to hear the truth, then so be it."

"Some people on our side ask, 'What have we done to be punished this way? What in the world have we done that we deserve our country being taken from us?' And the answer is nothing!"

"I would bet you that more people watched Rand Paul's filibuster last night than watched any of the Senate's televised proceedings in years. And more importantly, a lot of people may have actually been inspired by what he did. And you know what? He didn't need the media."

"For the first time this president is being challenged on something he wants to do that is unconstitutional, but it's not the first time that he's tried to do something unconstitutional."

"Libs, if you get them in a sterile environment, are obsessed with people dying. That's why they worry about global warming. It's also why they worry about whether or not you eat oat bran."

"Being hit by a drone while you're in a cafe, smoking weed, drinking some Starbucks -- that ain't cool. Even libs can relate to that."

"When you boil us down, what are we all about? Freedom, liberty. And yet we are judged by many on the left to be people who want to put other people in prisons and so forth. And the reason for that is because we also concern ourselves with morality. We love freedom and liberty, but we have guardrails. The left doesn't."

"Remember, folks: when I say something about anything, there's nothing left to be said."


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