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80% of NYC High School Grads Entering City College Cannot Read... Chavez's Body Preserved... Study on Low-Info Blog Comments... Regime Makes Excuses for WH Tour Closures...

Amazing How Things Never Change

RUSH: Somebody brought to my attention today a three-minute segment of my old television show back circa 1995.  The budget battle of 1995. Actually the prelude to that is what this three-minute sound bite was about.  It's funny. It's entertaining. It's also eye-opening to listen to this, 1995... Yeah, it's a long time ago.  The Democrat strategy is no different, the tactics are identical.

The Truth About Unemployment

RUSH: The unemployment rate went down from 7.9 to 7.7%.  We're in a circumstance now, folks, where it has been like this for so long that many low-information voters are gonna assume that this is normal when it's absolutely a disaster.  Unemployment, the entire employment universe, everything about employment in this country at present, is a disaster.  And yet, the media and the Regime today are treating this drop as though it's nirvana. 


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