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80% of NYC High School Grads Entering City College Cannot Read
RUSH: Education? Did you see the news out of New York City? Folks, 80% -- 80%! -- of high school graduates are illiterate, 80%. How much money we spending per student in New York, do you think? Eighty percent are illiterate? Who do you think they vote for?

Do you think they've ever heard of Paul Revere? Do you think they've ever heard of George Washington? Do you think the name Abraham Lincoln (outside of a guy in a movie) means anything to them when 80% cannot read? They got diplomas! How many college students are illiterate? That's gonna be the next thing. How many college graduates can't read? I betcha that's a number that would make your head spin.


In New York City, between $18,000 and $20,000 per student is what we spend -- and 80% of high school graduates are illiterate. They can't read. That 80% are the people who are going to community college. That's how they found out. They're going to community college, and they can't read. Eighty percent of high school grads who are going to community college cannot read. In the full-fledged high school population of New York, the rate might be even higher.

Now, who do you think they vote for?

What do you think they expect out of life?

Chavez's Body Preserved
RUSH: Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Jackson, is in Caracas at the funeral of Hugo Chavez. Bill Clinton, I'm sure, is feeling aced out. Funeral Crashers! Reverend Jackson is there. We have learned, ladies and gentlemen, that they are going to preserve Hugo Chavez's body permanently. They're gonna embalm it, do whatever they have to do to preserve it permanently, displayed in a glass casket so that his people will always have him.

Have you noticed that aside from the popes...?

By the way do you know the story behind the popes? I've been to the Vatican and seen the body of Pope John XXIII in a glass casket. The Vatican says that if the body doesn't deteriorate, it is proof, it is unalterable proof of... I forget what the word is. It's not sainthood, but they claim they don't do anything special beyond the normal embalming process, and if the body preserves, that was the right man to be pope. That's why not all of them are displayed in that way.

Leave the Catholic Church out of this All of these dictators do this. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Chavez. Ho Chi Minh is preserved this way in Vietnam. Ferdinand Marcos, who was a pretender to all this but he wanted to be -- and if Imelda hadn't bought so many damn shoes, who knows? You know, that country didn't have a big budget to begin with and she blew it all on shoes. But regardless, they're gonna preserve Hugo Chavez so that his people will always have him.

Because in Caracas and throughout Venezuela, they're saying, "Who's going to take care of us now?"

Study on Low-Info Blog Comments
RUSH: You know, I saw something the other day. Darn, I wish I can remember what the source was. Somebody had done scholarly research on all of these webs, social websites, blogs, you name it. They had studied all of the comments sections, and they found that it really is the gutter out there in the comment sections at blogs and social websites. It's so nasty, it's so vile, that it actually makes people uncomfortable. It can have a profound effect on people. The rudeness, how obscene and mean-spirited the stuff is.

In fact, one of the conclusions from one of the scholars who did the scholarly research is that young writers at blogs and other websites are afraid to actually write anything that contains an opinion because of what's gonna show up in the comments. Literally, they're being intimidated. Now, as you know, that wouldn't stop me, and it wouldn't stop a lot of others, but it's affecting some young people that are just getting into the whole business of sharing opinions. I don't ever read comments.

I used to, but I don't because it is human debris. Eighty percent of it is just absolute sludge. But this was a story devoted to the study of it. And they were interested in, "Are these people really like this, or they just taking the advantage of being anonymous, or do they just really how they think and act and live every day? Are they really this low rent?" They asked things like, "Would these people say to other people's faces the kind of stuff that they write in the comments?"

They conclude that more and more people are treating other people that way, and the vast majority of them are Democrats that are just constantly angry, enraged, ticked off, and slinging personal insults. It's a fascinating piece. I don't remember where it... (interruption) It was Forbes! That's right. It was Forbes. Yeah, I knew it was not some fly-by-night bunch of people. Anyway, what I was gonna say is, I would love to take calls like from low-information voters for a day, and really just talk to 'em.

I would love to ask them, "What does American exceptionalism mean to you? Are you for gay marriage? If so, why?" I'll back out of the way. I'll tell 'em there's no wrong answer. I really want to know how you think. But the problem with doing it now is the kind of people that would call based on the comments that we get. I'm afraid that it would be open season on people who would lie to Snerdley.

You know how to get on this program? Tell Snerdley you love me! He wants everybody to love me so much that when he hears it, he can't wait to move 'em to the front of the line. Now he's gonna be on the lookout for it, so you won't get away with that today. But I was thinking it's harder and harder to get genuine, honest callers -- and when you're talking about low-information voters, who among them are gonna admit it? Who among them even know it?

My theory about low-information voters is that most of the low-information people out there do not think of themselves that way. They think they know everything. They think they're up to speed and they've got all the answers. They think that what they know is all there is to know. Anyway, so, it's a pipe dream. Open Line Friday is the closest we get to that, because Monday through Thursday it's tightly screened. You have to talk about things I care about 'cause I don't want to sit here and be bored.

Because if I'm bored, everybody listening is gonna get bored.

Regime Makes Excuses for WH Tour Closures
RUSH:  You know, I was thinking, if I were president and for some reason the White House tours got shut down, I think I'd spend some time myself, and I would grab the First Lady, and I'd go down there and make sure the tours happen.  I would ask the First Lady, I'd cross my fingers.  I'd ask the First Lady to go down and help me run the White House tours.  But the White House spokesperson is making excuses today for the White House tours being shut down.









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