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Michelle Obama's E-mail Hacked
RUSH: Michelle Obama's was and Arnold Schwarzenegger's. (laughing) I looked at that list and said, "Thank goodness I'm not on that list myself." It actually wasn't hacked, either. It was done, actually, in a little bit more threatening way than that. Some people put together the information with... I don't know how to describe it, but it wasn't a straight hack.

Cable Nets Obsess on Vatican Chimney
RUSH: There are times when I think it's just hopeless.  We're just lost.  We're broken, irretrievably.  And now is one of those times.  They just closed the doors to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. I mean literally minutes ago they just closed the doors and every cable network has a camera focused on the smokestack with a graphic that says: "Waiting on papal smoke."  They just closed the doors.  Can you imagine a low-information voter tuning into this?  This is the Academy Awards for the Catholic Church.  Who's gonna get best film, best director?  We're just choosing another celebrity here. 

Speaking of gravitas, there's no gravitas to this.  Just another celebrity watch.  "Yeah, man, it's really cool. All those guys in those long, red coats just walked in that room, man, and they're gonna vote and they're gonna send smoke up and then we're gonna know whether we got a new one.  Wow, really cool!" And that's it.  To me, maybe I'm showing my age.  I don't know.  It's just a cheapening of the whole process and turning it into what everything else seems to be turned into these days.  And that is a celebrity event. 

Look, right there, CNN: "Waiting for papal smoke."  They've got the chimney and a little screen within a screen in the lower right-hand corner.  Cardinals now locked away.  They've been in there for two minutes.  They probably haven't even finished saying "hello" to each other, haven't even begun to pray yet.  We're already waiting to see if the new pope will acknowledge homosexuality and gay marriage and bring the church into modern times and once again make it relevant.  Anyway, that's just me. 





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