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The Reason We Engage in Low-Information Outreach


RUSH: Here's Eve in Augusta, Georgia, Eve, welcome to the program.  Great to have you.

CALLER:  I was just calling because, well, I heard your program some time back, and mostly by others who I didn't identify with so I wasn't able to listen objectively.  Anyway, you talk about independence a lot.  And I just wanted to say that I can hear your message, I mean, I'm able to hear you more objectively now.

RUSH:  In other words, you listened to other people who did listen to me, but you didn't care for their opinions, so you didn't like me?

CALLER:  Right, exactly. I just tuned you out. I couldn't hear your show 'cause it was like I was hearing through them, or --

RUSH:  Were these people who do listen to me suggesting that you also do it?

CALLER:  No, I just didn't identify with them, so it's not like I would turn on the show to listen because I didn't identify with their opinion, so I wouldn't take it upon myself to tune into your show.

RUSH:  Oh, I see.  I was sort of proclaimed guilty by association in your eyes?

CALLER:  In a sense.

RUSH:  But then you tuned in for yourself and it was magic?

CALLER:  I think a lot differently now. 

RUSH:  This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we engage here in the low-information outreach.  Not that Eve here is low-information, no, no, no, not at all, but that's why we engage in it.



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