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Morning Update: Wrecked

Did you hear about the new report on the condition of America’s schools? It claims they’re in such bad shape, physically, that it would take $270 billion to restore them to their original condition, and a half trillion to bring them “up to date.”

Bill Clinton wrote the report’s foreword, issued by a group calling itself “The Center for Green Schools.” Director Rachael Gutter says: “When we talk about a quality education, we talk about the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ – but we don’t talk about the ‘where.’ That needs to change.” Ms. Gutter says we keep the condition of our schools a secret because “it’s shameful and embarrassing to us as a country,” and we have a “moral obligation” to fix them.

Speaking of moral. In his foreword, Bill Clinton argues the time has passed for action. He oughta know. He spent eight years in the White House. He could have fixed the schools; he could have “repaired the breech.” Instead, he played “teach the intern.” The buck never got here

All the property taxes you pay for education; all the lottery money; the hundreds of billions of stimulus money; the record high levels of education funding, it’s never enough. Teachers unions are flush. But that’s about it.

And no one will be held accountable for mismanagement, for schools failing generation after generation of students, and now for inferior crumbling buildings. Liberals have done a great job of wrecking American education from top to bottom! A little Lewinsky lingo, there.


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