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Pearls of Wisdom

"Very few of you admit to being a low-information voter until you stop and think about it, but you know who you are, and there's no shame in it. I mean, everybody has to start out somewhere."

"Oh, look at that. Awwww. A seagull of hope has landed on top of the papal smokestack. Aw. I don't know what it means."

"Have you ever wondered why the secretary general of the UN is always a minority of some kind? It's because the US is this evil, dominating superpower that already runs the world, and it would be an absolute disaster to have another American in charge of a world body because we could just jam freedom down everybody's throat."

"Nationalized health care has always been one of the first objectives of any famous totalitarian regime."

"It astounds me that anyone who calls himself a conservative would have the slightest hesitation in arguing that we have to make every conceivable effort to repeal Obamacare."

"The Washington Post has a story today, and they are troubled. Barack Obama is losing independents, he's losing women, and it's all about the economy. People are fed up, dissatisfied, unhappy. It's starting to happen. Don't know if it's going to have legs, but it's starting to happen."

"The media has known all of these things about Obamacare that they are 'just now' discovering. They could have reported this back when it mattered."

"How can any conservative sit there and just say, 'Well, Obamacare's the law of the land, nothing we can do about it.' Where's the fight? Where's the principle? Where's the effort, at least?"

"People don't associate Obama and his agenda with what's happening in this country because he is not seen as anything but the Celebrity of the United States."

"Obama doesn't care about the details of his health care law. All Obama cares about is that one-sixth of the US economy has been transferred to government control. The daily machinations of how it's all going to shake out and affect people? He couldn't care less."

"I can trace the fall of Obama's approval numbers to February 13th and the announcement of the Limbaugh Theorem."

"Our phone number hasn't changed since our first busy broadcast day back on August 1st of 1988. Oh, we could've changed it to 1-800-RUSH or whatever, but, no, no, no -- we're not into vanity things here."

"You tell parents their kids aren't going to be able to get their vaccinations, when it isn't true and you know it isn't true? This is not what we expect of a president. Well, I take it back. We do expect it from a Democrat president, sadly."

"Do you think lesbians like being referred to as 'participants in minority sexual orientation'?"

"I'm telling you that in all the criticisms you can offer or make about the media, one of the biggest and most telling is to point out what they don't cover as much as the bias in what they do cover."

"My question is: will the new pope blame Benedict for everything that goes wrong, if it does? Is it all going to be Benedict's fault up there at Castel Gandolfo?"


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