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When Did Chavez Assume Room Temperature?

originalRUSH: I think we know now that Hugo Chavez died much earlier than they reported, 'cause they're having trouble embalming him.  Due to the decomposition, they may not be able to pull this off in Venezuela. The new president promised that Hugo Chavez's body would be on display forever and that he was a special guy, and because of that his body was not gonna decompose like a normal body would. He's a special guy.  They were gonna go to great lengths to preserve his body so he could be displayed in a glass casket, which, you know, all left-wing dictators do, or many of them:  Stalin, Lenin, Mao. They want people to constantly be able to walk by and thank them for everything they did, making their lives possible.  But according to CNN, a number of sources, the plan to balm Hugo Chavez may have hit a snag. 

Now, I just happened to run across earlier this week a fascinating story about this in Popular Science about embalming and where we are, how far along we've come.  Basically there are two kinds of embalming, funeral home embalming, which lasts a week or maybe a little longer, and then the kind of embalming that they do for dictators.  And it is an intricate process.  Actually, I think it would be uncomfortable for me to detail it for you here on the radio.  It's a long process.  It's very detailed.  It requires, however, an early start.  Human decomposition begins at the precise moment of death, and if you don't make the move to preserve the dictator immediately, you are going to fail.  There are things that you have to do -- again, I'm not gonna detail 'em for you.  If you want to find this and read it, go to the Popular Science story.  It's about Chavez.  It's about the effort to preserve him for eternity. 

Well, what happened here, they hit a snag because they didn't get an early enough start because I am convinced he's been dead much longer than they said.  They announced his death, when, last week?  He's probably been dead a lot longer than that, which is the snag.  It's probably gone beyond the point where they can do anything, and so they'll have to blame this on some capitalist problem or George W. Bush or some such thing.  But the guy running the country now, a man named Maduro: "Maduro said at the opening of the Book Fair of Venezuela that scientists argued that 'the decision should have been taken much earlier,'" to preserve Hugo for the ages. 

That's the dead giveaway to me.  As is the case with all left-wing dictatorships they never tell you the truth about when the dictator dies.  We don't know.  Chavez could have been dead for months before they announced it.  Even two weeks, according to the Popular Science story, even two weeks would be enough. If they didn't undertake any preservation efforts just in two weeks, then it's a hopeless, lost cause.  And nothing can save it:  makeup, formaldehyde, nothing.  As I say, I'm not gonna get into details.  This kind of stuff fascinates me, but it would make people uncomfortable. 

Poll: US Leadership Earning Lower Marks in World

RUSH: There is a worldwide survey that indicates the belief that American leadership has plummeted.  The image of US leadership worldwide is weaker during Obama's fourth year than when he assumed office.  And it's important because his election was all about restoring love and respect for America.  Remember?  Because of the Iraq war.  And because Bush was a cowboy, we were hated, the world hated us.  The world never did hate us.  All of that was just made-up BS.  It was made-up media BS.  It was all part of the effort designed to get Americans to hate Bush and the Republican Party.  It was all about making sure that Bush's second term was not effective. 

But, sadly, there were people that bought it.  There were a lot of low-information people that really believed that we were hated around the world.  And who wants to be hated?  Everybody wants to be loved.  So Obama comes along in the campaign of 2008 as this empty canvas. He was presented to us as unlike any politician ever before: smarter, post-partisan, postmodern, post-racial, post-everything. All these old problems, all of the traditional dirt and grime of politics was gonna be swept away.  There would be no more partisanship.  People were gonna get along.  There would be new legislation to fix all the problems.  And, of course, nothing of the sort ever happened.  There was nothing new about Obama, except he is the most radical Democrat that's ever been elected. 

But there's clearly nothing revolutionary.  And this polling data indicates it now.  So worldwide respect for US leadership was 49% when Obama was immaculated; 41% today. 

USDA Wants to Make Sugar More Expensive

RUSH: The USDA wants to boost the price of sugar, making it less affordable so that your kids will not get fat, and I am not making that up.  They want to inject themselves into the free market, buy up as much sugar as they can and hoarding it, limit the supply so that what's left is more expensive so that you won't be able to buy it.  The USDA.

Gallup: Government Dissatisfaction Highest Since Watergate

RUSH:Another poll, and this is from The Politico: "More Americans cite dissatisfaction with government as the biggest problem facing the country than at any other time since the months leading up to the Watergate scandal, a new poll finds. Twenty percent of those surveyed call dissatisfaction with government the country’s biggest problem, according to a Gallup survey on Thursday -- up from 16% the month before.  Gallup said the figure is 'the highest percentage mentioning that issue since late May/early June 1974.'" 

And nothing, nothing was as bad as that.  I mean, that was the worst it had ever been.  And now we've approached it.  Now, what does this say?  I mean, we can cite the polling data, but what does this mean?  What it means is that you are not alone.  You are part of what I think is a growing majority of thought in this country that is totally dissatisfied with this administration and these administration policies.  The problem is, the low-information voters, who also think the same thing you do, the difference is, they don't associate any of this with Obama.

Bill Gates Wants More Power for Obama

RUSH: Bill Gates said that some days he just wishes that the US political system were like England's so that Obama could have more power than he does.  "Gates was asked for his assessment of President Obama’s job performance during an interview at Politico’s 'Playbook Cocktails' event." I didn't know that Politico had an event called "Playbook Cocktails."

Anyway, Bill Gates says he would like the president (in this case, Obama) to have the kind of power that a prime minister in the UK has. And then he said (paraphrased), "Let 'em have their power, and then let people see what they do, and then if they don't like it, vote 'em out. But this gridlock isn't getting anybody anywhere."
That's Gates proving, folks, that sometimes the wealthiest among us are not the smartest. At least in this area. Now, there's no questioning Gates's smarts in his area of expertise.

Also, doesn't Bill Gates saying Obama doesn't have enough power" sort of prove the Limbaugh Theorem as well, that a guy like Gates can come along and actually think Obama doesn't have enough power, in the midst of all this damage Obama is causing? That's the Limbaugh Theorem. It works even on the super wealthy.


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