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"It's Open Line Friday, folks. That's where, when we go to the phones, I take one of the greatest career risks known to exist in all of major, big-time media -- and that is turning over the content portion of the program rank amateurs. It's kind of like hiring Ed Schultz."

"The way the NFL keeps going, they may as well make Michael Bloomberg the commissioner."

"We have some guests here at the EIB Southern Command: honored winners of the latest dream package prize from our Two If By Tea sweepstakes. And what an attractive bunch of people they are! I mean, they are just a solid, great looking group of people, which is what comes from drinking Two If By Tea."

"I tell you, folks: I really believe that the pursuit to make everybody like you is the greatest prison you can put yourself in, because you end up denying who you really are."

"Dare I say, if JFK were alive today and were the same guy that he was in 1960, he wouldn't be a Democrat. They wouldn't let him in the party."

"From Obama on down, there isn't anybody running Obamacare who has the slightest idea of what they're doing. They've never run an insurance company, they've never run a hospital. All they know is power and arrogance."

"When I make a prediction about where we're headed -- particularly when it involves liberals who've gotten their hands on something -- don't doubt me."

"The media now are no different than they've always been, in terms of the way they operate and the way they do their job. What is different is that they do not pretend anymore to be objective. They've taken that cloak off, and they are partisans now."

"Democrats are the meanest, most extreme, most insufferable people. There's nothing nice about them."

"Look, folks, I intended to squeeze some phone calls in here, but I'd forgotten how fascinating I was."

"Romney got four million fewer Republican votes than McCain did. That's hard to do, but he did it. And if that hadn't happened, we would be talking about president Romney today."

"Why do you need a consultant if you've got a blueprint that shows you how to win two landslides? It's the Reagan campaign. Basically you run a campaign of core beliefs and principles."

"The Constitution is there to protect you from mayors like Mike Doomberg who want to tell you how big your beverage can be. He's not a federal official, I understand, but the principle is the same."

"We live in a culture where nobody should ever get hurt doing anything: nobody should ever get hurt emotionally, nobody should ever get hurt physically, nobody should ever suffer, nobody should ever get depressed... and, of course, if you don't, you're not living."

"I'm comforted that Dianne Feinstein has studied the Constitution."


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