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Pearls of Wisdom

"The Republican Party lost because it's not conservative; it didn't get its base out in the 2012 election. Now, that's simple to say, and it's probably simple for you to agree with, but I'm telling you, that statement is a major mountain to climb within the party itself."

"As Maggie Smith said in one of the greatest lines on Downton Abbey, 'What is a weekend?' She's from the aristocrat class. Every day is a weekend. She had no idea what one was."

"Radical liberalism, socialism, Communism... whatever you want to call it, it's governing not just our country, but the world. Our country used to be an exception to this kind of governance, but now we have been ensnared by it, to the point that freedom is taking on a whole new meaning -- incorrectly and dangerously so."

"Now, I have been in marketing, and marketing is a multifaceted discipline that has one objective: to separate people from their money."

"What happened in Cyprus makes Greece look like a paradise, and now they're talking about the same thing possibly happening in Italy. The euro zone is run by a bunch of leftist aristocrats who have no more idea what they're doing than leftists in this country do."

"We don't have to warn people about radical liberalism. We don't have to warn people about what will happen if radical liberals ever get in charge. We're in the middle of what we were warning people about ten and 15 years ago!"

"All I do is convert liberals to conservatism. That's what I do, and that's why they don't like me."

"Liberals view us as people with a moral code, and they don't want a moral code. A moral code by itself is punishing. A moral code has lines beyond which you're not supposed to go, and that's not fun."

"Freedom without virtue isn't freedom -- it will eventually destroy a society."

"I will be the first to admit that getting votes and getting an audience are two different things. For example, a politician really can't be elected if he's hated by half the people. A talk show host, however, can be an overwhelming national phenomenon while being hated by half the people."

"I'm sorry, but there isn't going to be any population growth in gay marriage. Unless they invent a womb to go in a guy."

"Young people have this almost romantic attachment to civil rights, liberties, emancipating people from oppression, etc. The idea that such oppression exists in this country offends me, but it's able to be pushed and sold because education in this country is so woefully incompetent and inept."

"Google Glass can record everything it sees. Now, my friends, I want to tell you something: that, to me, is a huge red flag."

"I don't pretend to know how to get votes. I think I know how, but it's not my business, it's theirs. Nevertheless, if the Republican Party openly supports amnesty, they're finished. It's simply a matter of mathematics."

"The word 'benefit' just sends me to the moon."


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