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Epic Ratings for History Channel's Bible, Starring Obama Look-Alike as Satan
RUSH:  How many of you are watching The Bible on The History Channel?  Are you watching it?  It is setting ratings records for a cable production.  Twelve to 14 million viewers.  Now, this show has a budget.  I think a ten-hour, maybe 12-hour, I forget which, doesn't matter, it's one of the two, 12-hour miniseries, $22 million.  HBO will spend that much on a couple of episodes for one of their average series, like Boardwalk Empire or something.  So $22 million for all of these episodes.  It's just incredible.  It's no money.  They have not one recognizable actor except for the actress playing Mary, and that's because the one they cast didn't show up.

Roma Downey is playing Mary. Roma Downey was in Touched By An Angel or some such thing.  She's married to the guy producing it, they're both producing it, Mark Burnett, who produces The Apprentice and Survivor. He's a reality show guy.  And the reason that there's not one recognizable actor is also on purpose.  They didn't want any one face or name co-opting all the attention. Plus they didn't have the money to go out and hire somebody huge and big.  Anyway, it is just going through the roof, ratings.  And last night, Satan shows up for the first time, and the actor that plays Satan is a dead ringer for Barack Obama. 

Folks, it is uncanny.  And the picture of this actor who is playing the devil, El Diablo, it's all over the Internet now.  It's all over.  It's on the Drudge Report, I mean, I could hold this up for you and zero in on it Dittocam, but you can find it.  He's wearing a hoodie, but he looks just like Obama.  So of course everybody's asking, "Well, is this on purpose or was this just coincidental?  Who are these people producing this series?  Who are these people?"  And they're both recognized as, I don't know about devout, but they're Christians.  Everybody knows who Roma Downey is.  Mark Burnett produces Survivor and Trump's show.

Anyway, it has taken Hollywood by storm.  This is not the formula.  It's not costing any money. It's getting record ratings. It doesn't have any big stars, and people in Hollywood are making a point, "Don't worry, we're not gonna copycat this." (laughing)  You know, Hollywood copycats everything.  No, they're not gonna copycat this specifically because of the subject matter.  They're making a point of saying, Hollywood, "No, no, no, we're not gonna do our own version. No, no, no."  They're all saying, "Hell, it's been done. Everybody's done it. Cecil B. DeMille did it. Everybody's done it, and now this is just a rehash.  We don't need to do it." 

The producers are saying that the similarity in their actor for Satan to Obama is ridiculous, it's utter nonsense.  Well, if you look at it... (laughing) there are people out there who are very much ... have you not seen the picture, Snerdley, or are you just now looking it up?  Have you seen it, Dawn?  You guys haven't seen this?  Well, maybe I better zero in here on the Dittocam.  Maybe people haven't seen it.  That's Satan, as portrayed in the History Channel's movie or miniseries on the Bible.  It does look very, very, very much like a figure that we see daily in Washington, DC.


RUSH: You don't expect me to repeat that line, do you? You don't expect me to repeat that line. We were speaking earlier about this Satan picture, this actor in the History Channel miniseries on the Bible. The actor portraying Satan is a dead ringer for Obama, and so the question they're dying for me to ask is, "In light of that picture, and only in light of that picture...?" Can we be clear about this? In light of that picture, given that that picture is out -- that we had nothing to do with distributing, by the way, nor did we cast the actor in that show. We're just like you. We saw that picture just like you did. It came over the transom out of the blue. And the question that sprang to everybody's mind is, "If Satan had a son, would he look like the guy in that...?"

The Consequences of Google Glasses
RUSH: While I'm thinking about it, let me talk about this Google Glass business.  First off, what do you think it is, Snerdley?  What do you think Google Glass is?  Right.  Right.  You can read your e-mail on it. You can send a text message. You can watch videos on it and so forth, do all kinds of stuff on it, really cool. You look like a nerd, but so what. We'll have to be tolerant of people wearing Google Glass.  But already there are bars and restaurants -- one bar in Seattle which apparently is a bar specifically for reprobates and reprobate behavior, do not want anybody -- because they record.  There is a camera.  Google Glass can record everything it sees.

Now, my friends, I want to tell you something.  That, to me, is a huge red flag, and I'll tell you why.  Imagine, if you will, wherever you are right now, as is, whatever is happening, wherever you are right now is, by definition, normal.  Now, I want you to imagine a news crew showing up where you are, and then imagine what would happen. Everybody aware of the camera starts acting.  Everybody who is aware of a camera tries to get in its way.  Everybody who is aware of a camera stops behaving as they normally would, and they become immediately self-conscious.  A nation filled of robots walking around wearing Google Glass, wherever somebody shows up with those things you're gonna have normal behavior cease.

It's gonna be like bringing a news crew in there. Once people learn that whoever's wearing the Google Glass can record everything you do... (interruption)  Yeah, but if they see you recording, if they see you aiming it. In this they're not gonna have to see you, it's gonna be aimed at you all the time, and you may not know if it's recording or not, but once the word gets out that that's what it does people are gonna assume that everybody wearing Google Glass is recording what they're doing because everybody does take video on their cell phone now and then. 

So this is different than holding up a phone.  I think it could have consequences for affecting the way people behave.  I do.  I do.  You know me.  This is nothing new to me, either.  I've commented often that the presence of a camera changes the way everybody acts.  A news crew or a camera that could record you. Not a camera that's recording an episode of Law & Order SVU in some sewer, or any other show. But if a camera is there and recording you, it totally changes what happens at that scene.  People start playing to it, or they act afraid of it, one of the two. But it does affect, by definition, impossible for it not to.

Adam Lanza Learned It All from Video Games
RUSH: Have you heard the latest that we've learned about Adam Lanza, the kid that went nuts at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Have you heard the latest? It has been learned that this kid was a total video gamer, and he had been planning this event for years. He had a spreadsheet that was something like nine-feet long by four-feet wide that cops have found, in which he copied elements of certain video games that he played, and it was all about points.

He killed himself because apparently in the video game, if I understand this right, you get really penalized if somebody else kills you. If you let yourself get killed, you really get creamed points-wise. The upshot is, he didn't just go nuts one day. He didn't just lose balance and flip off the edge of the earth on day. He had been planning this and working on it and had a spreadsheet all worked out about it. He targeted a school because that's where the least resistance is. He learned from video games that you reload before you run out, and you go from room to room to avoid getting caught. You constantly stay moving.

All this from video games.

That's what law enforcement is saying.

Not I, El Rushbo.

That's what law enforcement says.

Doomberg Wants to Ban Tobacco Displays
RUSH: Get this. Mayor Doomberg now wants to ban tobacco displays. He doesn't want you to be able to see it. Like at a cigar store, like at Nat Sherman's, no tobacco on display. You can't see it. I'm not kidding you, folks. I am not kidding. This is how they do it.

Lindsay Lohan Shows Up in Court Again
RUSH: You know, folks, if you check out the mainstream media -- go to Yahoo, go to AP, go to CNN, wherever you go -- the coverage of the Cyprus money seizure is not getting anywhere near the coverage of Lindsay Lohan showing up in court again. It's incredible.






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