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Drive-Bys Still Buzzing About Hillary's Gay Marriage Flip... Did You Watch the Pope Inaugural?... NIH Spends $2.7 Million to Study Drunk Lesbians... Church Won’t Do Weddings For Straight Couples Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal... Mick Jagger Thinks His Kids Should Earn Their Own Way...UK Daily Mail: Rise of the Happy Housewife...

The Limbaugh Amnesty Plan

RUSH: I've told everybody in this audience. I've told the Democrats. I've told the media. I've told the Republicans. I, too, will support amnesty if the newly made citizens cannot vote for 25 years... And of course there's not one person who supports it, because the whole point of amnesty is registering them as voters.

Dr. Carson's Theory on the Media

RUSH:  The media really doesn't see yet what's going on.  They don't see the economy being destroyed right in front of their eyes.  And when they do, that's when they are going to change because that's when they realize they will be destroyed, economically as individuals.  They'll start asking the tough questions and helping to move the population in the right direction.  That's what he predicted last night. 


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