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Drive-Bys Still Buzzing About Hillary's Gay Marriage Flip
RUSH: Boy, the media's still buzzing over Hillary Clinton coming out for same-sex marriage.  It's a big 180, a huge reversal.  Fox just had another go at playing the video of Hillary making this announcement.  I guess when you look at all that she's been through, who can really blame her on this?  What took her so long, is the logical question to ask.  So Mrs. Clinton's there.  This issue, the gay marriage issue, if you didn't know better, you would think that it is the only thing anybody cares about.  You know, the thing about this issue is, any time it's been on the ballot, anywhere, it loses big.  Gay marriage, homosexual marriage loses big every time it's voted on by the general public, and yet you would think that it's all anybody cares about if you pay just even scant attention. 

Did You Watch the Pope Inaugural?
RUSH: Did you happen to watch any of Pope Francis' inauguration ceremony this morning?  You didn't see any of that Snerdley?  You got three monitors back in your office.  It had to be on one of them.  I thought Pope Francis' inauguration ceremony was far more modest than Obama's, which, I guess, is fitting.  The pope is not in nearly as much of a religious figure as Obama is, but I still would have liked to have seen a Vatican flyover. The Blue Angels or something.  It is what it is.  He's now in office officially here, and he's captivating, taking people by storm. 

NIH Spends $2.7 Million to Study Drunk Lesbians
RUSH: You remember last week, folks, we had the shocking news from the National Institutes for Health or the Centers for Disease Control, one of the two, was spending a million and a half dollars to find out why 75% of lesbians are obese and male homosexuals are not.  Well, they're not through.  Now guess what?  "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $2.7 million to study why lesbians are at a higher 'risk for hazardous drinking.'  The University of Illinois has received grants since 2009 for its project, 'Cumulative Stress and Hazardous Drinking in a Community of Adult Lesbians,' which aims to develop 'culturally sensitive' strategies to prevent lesbians from being drunks."

Man, and then talking about marriage?  On the one hand you've got a study, why are they obese, 75% of them.  And now, why are they drunks?  Who knew?  Anyway, I just want to keep you up to date on this because what's happening in the homosexual community almost qualifies here for a gay community update.

Church Won’t Do Weddings For Straight Couples Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal
RUSH: "Winston-Salem, NC -- A local church has elected to stop performing marriage ceremonies for straight couples until same-sex marriage is legalized. In a statement posted on the front page of their website, officials at the Green Street United Methodist Church said that they ask other churches to join in the movement to 'refuse to sign any state marriage licenses until this right is granted to same-sex couples.'" This is a church. Now, I know people don't like to hear about this.

But when you bring God-d into this, and when you bring religion into this, when you bring the Bible into this, the Bible is very specific on the subject of marriage and its definition. Now, some people are offended and put off by that, but that's just one of those things that happens to be the way it is. So a lot of people will look at this, they'll hear this news, and say, "How can a church do this? Forget refusing to perform same-sex marriage. How can a church perform homosexual marriage? A church?"

The answer is that the church is wavering from its own teachings, because it's becoming politicized. It's the only answer to it. It's an amazing thing, this issue, folks. I've been telling people that I know, friends, "You look out. This thing, you don't know how big it is. For some reason, this issue has surfaced, and it is the most important thing at the top of everybody's list out there. You will not believe it. You're gonna be stunned. It's happened, and nobody can figure out why or how this manifested itself.

Where did it come from?

You look at Hillary and Bill Clinton. I mean, it wasn't that long ago they opposed it. Obama, nine months ago, just last year sometime changed his mind. In fact, it wasn't Obama that changed; it was Biden. Biden went out there and changed the game for Obama, forcing Obama to "evolve." (interruption) Well, I know the celebrity class has been driving this. The pop culture class been driving this. But it's also happening on college campi, which might be the same thing.

But it's big out there, and it's all rooted in love and, "Who's to stop somebody from loving one another? Who are we to say?" It's what we were talking about yesterday. It's freedom without virtue, or freedom without morality. It's freedom being redefined in a libertarian sense. It's freedom with no limits, which is not what freedom is. Anyway, this is still the tip of the iceberg. This is going to continue. But, again, the interesting thing: Whenever this issue comes up for a vote, it loses.

It is by no means enjoying majority support across the country in terms of people/population. Prop 8 in California? It lost in California. By the way, the constitutionality of Prop 8 is now being debated and decided by the Supreme Court, and that's one of the reasons all of this attention in Washington is happening, because there's an attempt here to bend and shape the thinking of the justices on the Supreme Court.

Mick Jagger Thinks His Kids Should Earn Their Own Way
RUSH: I ran into a story last night that warmed my heart. It surprised me, it shocked me, but it warmed my heart. It's about Mick Jagger. It's about Mick Jagger and his kids and his ex-wife. His ex-wife. (interruption) No, no, not Bianca. Well, that's an ex-wife, but it's not that one. Jerry Hall. Mick has a couple of kids with Jerry Hall, and Jerry Hall is demanding that Mick buy her kids houses. There are three of them. Jerry says (paraphrased), "Mick, you got all kinds of money here. I want my daughters to live well. You should buy 'em houses.

Mick is saying, "To hell with that! They should earn their own way." Mick Jagger has a little rule for his kids when it comes to money: Earn it yourself. Mick Jagger is very much against parental housing subsidies. Now, it is said that he's worth about £200 pounds, and he's also reputed to be very stingy. He is. That is his reputation, and he is furious because his ex-wife, Jerry Hall, is out telling everybody what a rotten guy he is, and she is demanding that he give up half ownership in a house he has.

The house is in a great location in London. She also wants him to give his children by her houses before he dies. Mick Jagger is 70, and she's trying... Do you believe that? The lead singer of the Rolling Stones is 70! Anyway, he's telling 'em to take a hike. His daughter by Bianca, Jade? Whatever she has is totally on her own. I mean, he might have helped her out reputation-wise, but she started her own business and she did it herself. He does not believe in taking care of his kids because then they're not gonna learn how to provide for themselves.

I thought this was a fascinating little story, and it says here that Jerry Hall does not understand why Mick won't dip into his wealth to help her kids. They're his kids, too, by the way. But the story's referring to them as her kids. He just won't. (interruption) Well, he's not giving it to the government yet, but it's more of a philosophy. I'm just pleasantly surprised. Mick Jagger thinks it would be the worst thing in the world for his kids to not have to go out and earn their own way.

As a person of wealth, he made it a point that his kids were gonna have to learn to earn their own way, not feed off of him. Now, I shouldn't admit this. I never should. I'm not gonna admit this. I'm not gonna do it. You can't draw it out of me. I'm sorry for bringing this up. I'm not gonna talk about it. I was gonna tell you what my attitude on this would be if I had kids, and it's a good thing I don't.

I would resent every penny hid to spend on them.

I'm sorry. I just know myself. I know that from 18 on, I would resent it. I just remember the story my friend told me. His dad came to him two days before his 18th birthday and said, "What are you gonna do?" "What do you mean?" "Well, you're 18. You can't live here anymore." He was kicked out of the house at 18. "You're an adult. I'm not feeding you anymore. It's up to you." Now, I'm not saying that. It's an extreme example of somebody who, you know, had tough parenting.

UK Daily Mail: Rise of the Happy Housewife
RUSH:  Here's a story I wanted to get to today but I'm not gonna have time. I'll get to it tomorrow, but I want to tell you about it.  It's a story in the UK Daily Mail, but it's about America.  The headline:  "Rise of the happy housewife: How a new wave of feminists are giving up their careers to stay at home because they WANT to."  The only thing wrong with this is it isn't a new wave.  It's been going on for a while.  I have been happily chronicling this, but we will deal with it tomorrow nevertheless, because it's gonna be a nice jab at the feminazis who are bombing out on this, and that's worth telling again and again and again. 

No, it's not new, the fact that women have careers, go to work, then have babies, intending to go back to work after the baby's born and then during maternity leave, say, "You know what, I'd rather stay home here with little Jayne."  And the feminists are not happy.  Now, the UK Daily Mail reporting on this as a new wave, but it isn't new.  But it is increasing.




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