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Pearls of Wisdom

"Doesn't matter where the left is -- they screw up."

"The Democrats know exactly who their audience is. They are perfectly happy with a dumbed-down, totally dependent population. They're perfectly happy with that because they view themselves as elitists, anyway."

"How about Harry Reid? We have seven Marines dead in a Nevada military base accident, and he runs around and blames the sequester for it. Now, that's reprehensible, that's obscene, and that's despicable."

"People choose to climb mountains. I wouldn't -- I think it's stupid."

"Employees are blaming their employer for their take-home pay being reduced? How does that happen? I have never, ever in my entire working life assumed that my employer had anything to do with the deductions in my paycheck. I've always known what taxes are."

"An event will wake people up about Obama. Now, it isn't going to be anything substantive, but something like this is going to happen: Obama is going to be talking to somebody on an open mike and he's going to diss Justin Timberlake's latest CD, and the country will turn on Obama."

"So no more cupcakes in school anymore. I told you I sensed that school was jail back when I was in it -- once again proving how ahead of my time I was."

"I think they're going to have to change the name of the league from the National Football League to the LFL: the Lawyers' Football League."

"We have come to define freedom as pure hedonism, the pursuit of sybaritic delights. Well, the country can't survive that way. Freedom defined that way is going to lead to the total moral collapse of the society at some point."

"I'm thinking of a new tea flavor, Mr. Snerdley: 'Maha Rush Tea'. I'm just kidding."

"What we're engaged in here, folks, is simply an attempt to inform and educate people about who liberals are, what they do, how they think, and what the world and country would look like if there were no checks or balance on these people."

"In this country you can go to any city that has been run by elected liberal Democrats without any opposition for years and years and you can see the results: they're bulldozing these cities."

"To the left, freedom is designed as whatever you want to do with other people's money, and there's no limit on how much of other people's money you are entitled to."

"One of the express purposes of liberal domination of the public school system is to dumb down the kids in school, and it's working."

"When people are not educated, not informed, not ambitious, or have no inspiration, they are not doing anything but becoming dead weight, and the country can't afford that -- not if it's to maintain its greatness."

"There are a lot of people dissing Beyonce."


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