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Who Put Diesel in Obama's Limo?
RUSH: A lot of people have said, "Have you heard about Obama's limousine breaking down?"  His limousine didn't break down.  It's worse than that.  Obama's limousine, the primary limousine, somebody in his entourage, somebody in charge of filling it up put diesel in it, and it's not a diesel engine.  Now, how does that happen?  Folks, this is the president of the United States.  This is his limo.  They fly this limo wherever he is.  When the president goes on a trip like this, there's a C-5 that loads up all of this stuff a day or two in advance.  And, in this case, they took two limos because I guess he's going to Jordan, and they had the second limo in Jordan which they now gotta go get and bring over to Israel because somebody tried to put diesel in Obama's limo. 

Now, I can't understand how anybody who is part of the Obama traveling entourage would not know that this is a gasoline-powered car.  And if it's somebody outside the Obama entourage filling it up, how is that happening?  I don't know.  It's not a minor deal to me. 

Obama Makes Congress Joke
RUSH:  Why is everybody making such a big deal out of Obama?  He gets over to Israel and says, "Yeah, it's great to be away from Congress."  What's everybody making such a big deal about that for?  It's like he's committed some sort of blaspheme.  Look, Congress gave Netanyahu a standing ovation.  Of course he wouldn't want to be associated. He's over there seeing Netanyahu.  Bad memories.  I guess it might look bad in the sense Obama's got the so-called "charm offensive" going on and, in the middle of his charm offensive, he talks about how happy he is to be away from Congress. But, hell, he can't control it, so he's not interested in it. Makes total sense to me. 

New Two If By Tea Flavor?
RUSH: Folks, Two If By Tea. We've got a new sweepstakes coming up, I don't mind telling you. Every time we do one, we have to establish a brand-new bank account. That bank account has to have in it the equivalent of whatever the cash value of what our prizes add up to be, in case we are cheaters and can't fulfill the prize. It's a law.


RUSH: I'm thinking of a new tea flavor at Two If By Tea: Curry! We'll call it "Maha Rush Tea." (laughing) I'm just kidding. Folks, you have a wonderful rest of the day out there. Rest assured, we will be getting ready for tomorrow pretty soon after this ends. That's just what we do here. We're constantly trying to exceed your expectations. We'll see you in 21 hours and thanks so much for being with us today.


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