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Pearls of Wisdom

"I've given up on being accurately portrayed in the media."

"I know that Obama has taken his offensive charm -- ha-ha, sorry -- 'charm offensive' to Israel where, depending on what you read, it seems to be bombing... at least as far as some of the Palestinians are concerned."

"I have no interest in being wrong, so if I am, please correct me. I don't want to be wrong. There's nothing in it for you or for me to be wrong."

"The left never, ever seeks to elevate those at the bottom and raise them up. Rather, the left looks at what they see as class or economic distinctions, and they penalize the people at the top."

"It's all over the place regarding what I think of Beyonce's latest album. It's hilarious. Dawn's daughter called: 'Mom, why does Rush hate women?' You know, folks, it's a good thing I don't take this stuff personally, because otherwise I'd go insane."

"You hold a mirror up to the left, they see themselves in it, and they blame you for what they see. "

"Somebody is going to get a hold of Beyonce and ask, 'What do you think about what Rush Limbaugh is saying about you?' And, of course, they're not going to tell her that all I did was quote from her own lyrics, and so she'll have the predictable response: 'Well, you know, he's a racist misogynist, so nobody should listen to what he says.'"

"The left does not want people to strive to do better. The left wants people to accept their lot in life and tell them the state will provide for them."

"There's so many people who think that the 'activists' in any issue are actually about solving it -- they're not. They get rich off the acrimony. They get rich off the chaos."

"The left wants to get rid of the idea that we judge people on the basis of their achievements. Instead, we should judge them on surface things like their gender, their sexual orientation, or their skin color."

"I'm not afraid of having an agenda. I do have an agenda. It's a positive agenda."

"The Soviets didn't come to a table and say, 'You know what? You guys in America are right, and we've been wrong all these years. Communism sucks.' Peace didn't come between the US and Soviet Union as a result of talking, with one side admitting they were wrong."

"You have to understand: Obama finds autocratic leaders perfect to do business with -- they're all-powerful! They don't have to take their plans to some Congress to get approval."

"The low-information crowd's historical perspective begins with the day they turned 15 and started paying attention things, and nothing was ever worse than when they were 15."

"I can't tell you the number of times in high school I was allowed to be disappointed for not making the grade; it's a part of life. So the young students who are being taught by radical leftists in this country today are going to end up growing up in a world for which they are totally unprepared and unequipped."


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