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Weather Service Chief: We Face "New Normal" Of Extremes
RUSH: The director of the National Weather Service, Louis Uccellini, said yesterday, "Wild weather in recent years -- from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods -- likely can be traced, in part, to climate change." But that name is no longer going to be used.  He says we now face a new normal extremes.  Global warming didn't work, climate change didn't work, as a political movement, so now we have extremes.  And that's the new normal, and that's because of climate change.  And all of these outrageous storms, unusual, we've never had 'em before.  That's what he wants the low-information crowd to believe. 

Remember what we're dealing with here.  The low-information crowd's historical perspective begins with the day they turned 15 and started paying attention to things, and nothing was ever worse than when they were 15.  So a hurricane comes along and there was nothing ever worse.  Maybe Katrina, but everything gets measured against it.  So the latest way that they have decided they're gonna push global warming and climate change is to simply say we got a new normal of weather extremes brought on by climate change. 

Just like the economy.  You know, 7.5, 8% unemployment, that's the new normal, that's just the way it is.  That's as good as we can do.  So we are, as a culture, settling.  We are in decline, and we are accepting it.  I should say we're being told to accept it as the new norm. 

More Outrage Over NFL Helmet Rule
RUSH: A bunch of football players have spoken up in addition to those yesterday, Jerome Bettis, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith, a number of them critical of the new rule in the NFL that claims it's gonna be a big penalty to lower the head and hit somebody outside the tackle box with the crown of your helmet.  No good, can't happen, the referees police this now.  The Cincinnati Bengals were the only team to vote against it, and here's why, and it's a good reason. 

The owner of the Bengals, a guy named Mike Brown, and other people, by the way, agree with this.  Look, we're putting everything in this game in the hands of the referees.  And everything is an opinion. Everything is subjective.  The referees are gonna decide if the crown of the helmet was used instead of the forehead area of the helmet or the face mask. The referees are gonna decide this and we're gonna have more pauses for more replays, and the referees are gonna end up deciding more outcomes.  We don't want that.

The Bengals point was, we want the players to decide the outcome of the game, not this.  But the attorneys have gotten their hooks in.  It's the Attorney Football League now.

Ban Boxing?
RUSH: In addition to football, now there's a move on "Should Science on Brain Injury Inspire a Ban on Boxing?" The story is out of London.  "Advances in modern neuroscience mean scientists know more than ever about chronic brain damage and the long-term trauma that can result from frequent knocks to the head."

So now they're training their sights on boxing.  And they cite women's boxing.  There's a scientist quoted in the story, said he couldn't believe what he was watching.  He watched the Olympics this year and there was female boxing, and he couldn't believe it.  He couldn't believe that our cultures have become so barbaric as to sponsor an event like that.  So the move is on here, folks, once they get their hooks in, you know, once the concussion business gets their hooks in, these people on the left do not stop. 

Pelosi Wishes Everyone Could Win the NCAA Tournament
RUSH: Watch this...


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