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Pearls of Wisdom

"We keep waiting for the American people to wake up, and they keep hitting the snooze bar. But something, folks, someday, will wake them up. Of that I'm confident."

"If you call something a 'civil right' -- no matter how wildly unpopular it is -- then any opposition to it is bigotry. And what do you do with bigots? You put them down, you ignore them, you discredit what they believe."

"I don't know what is so hard about getting me right. I'm on the air 15 hours a week. You don't need a password to listen to this program. It's free over the air."

"You can't say that the reason the issue of gay marriage is at the Supreme Court is precisely because it would be voted down if put to a vote by the public at large. You also can't say that the Supreme Court is supposed to be insulated from the ebb and flow of popular culture and opinion."

"Who is Mayor Bloomberg? This guy's like a Mad Hatter, a Bond villain."

"Obama gave a speech in Israel the other day underneath a giant picture of Arafat, and everybody thinks it's a major faux pas. Really? Nobody knows who Arafat was, and the people who do don't think there was anything wrong with him. I mean, Arafat was a more frequent guest at the Clinton White House than Barbra Streisand or Lewinsky."

"As far as the low-information crowd is concerned, Yasser Arafat led the oppressed who were denied their chance at freedom and gay marriage and clean sewage and whatever else they wanted by the oppressive Israelis."

"The true-believer-scientific-global-warming crowd... It's a good question: do they really believe this stuff, or are they knowingly engaged in a disinformation campaign?"

"If somebody broke my window, I wouldn't think they were 'dissing my house'. No, they just broke the window, damn it."

"One of the reasons why abortion so roils our culture is because it hasn't been democratically decided. One day the Supreme Court -- nine people in black robes -- just decided that abortion is in the Constitution."

"The media is no longer the media, particularly the Washington media -- they're just a branch of the Democrat Party in government. It's had a corrupting influence, and it's not good, and it's created this low-information phenomenon."

"Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned round pancakes? You can play Frisbee with them if you want -- surely that wouldn't hurt anybody."

"To somebody like Obama, substantive opposition is not tolerable. The objective is to eliminate all opposition -- be it a political party, be it media, or what have you."

"Do you know how many times the media has thought they had me fixed and done away with over the course of 25 years? How many times they thought they'd finally pulled it off? And yet here we are."

"I can't tell you the number of times people tell me, 'You can't say that' -- after I've said it. He-he-he-he-he."


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