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White House Tours Closed, Obama Family Spring Break Goes On... Bill Gates Searches for the Perfect Condom... Do You Know About the Thigh Gap?... National Enquirer: Chelsea Clinton to Adopt African Baby... Oversampled Gay Marriage Polls?

More Stupidity in Stamford, Connecticut

RUSH: Nothing against Stamford, but we're bigger than that here at the EIB Network.  But what happened there is that the Democrat candidate for mayor accused me of endorsing the Republican candidate when I had not...  And then later on everybody figured out that this Tong clown was absolutely totally wrong.  

Why Draw the Line at Couples?

RUSH: What's wrong with three?  Why not four?  It's just like the minimum wage argument.  You can eventually reach an amount that even proponents say is too much.  And here with the gay marriage argument, you can construct a definition of marriage that even proponents of same-sex marriage will say, "No, no, no, no, that's going too far." But, see, once you cancel the definition of marriage, then it can become anything.  


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