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Governor Rick Scott Calls for Investigation of ‘Stomp Jesus’ University
RUSH: Do you remember we had this story for you at Florida Atlantic University? A student protested a class assignment which he was told to stomp on a piece of paper that had the word "Jesus" written on it. He refused to do that, and he got kicked out of the university. Well, the governor of the state, Rick Scott, said, "What the hell is this?" He wanted to know from the university what they were doing.

Anyway, the university is now backpedalling on this, and I think the student has been given an apology, and there will be no punishment. They're wiping the record clean for the student and they are reinstating him for a plan to complete the course without that professor who made everybody in the class -- you remember this -- write the word "Jesus" on a piece of paper, and then made them stand up and stomp on it. The student refused; he got kicked out of school.

Now, the professor here we told you was named Deandre Poole. He is untenured Florida Atlantic University, but in addition to teaching whatever this course is, this guy serves as the vice chairman of Palm Beach County Democrat Party, and he's a professor at Florida Atlantic. But regardless, the incident has now been closed and the student's been apologized to and he's back in the course, back in college, back in school and will be given the chance to complete the course with a different professor, somebody who's not a vice chairman of the Palm Beach County Democrat Party.

NPR on the Startling Rise Of Disability In America
RUSH: National Public Radio, NPR: "In the past three decades, the number of Americans who are on disability has skyrocketed. The rise has come even as medical advances have allowed many more people to remain on the job, and new laws have banned workplace discrimination against the disabled. Every month, 14 million people now get a disability check from the government. The federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled former workers than it spends on food stamps and welfare combined."

Did you know that? The federal government spends more money every year on cash payments for disabled ex employees, people not working, than it spends on food stamps and welfare combined. Disability has become a new way to lull people into welfare, and it's hidden from any reports on the economy or unemployment. It's hidden in any breakdown of welfare costs.

The story prints out to 10 pages. I am not going to go through anywhere near all 10 pages, but the point that it makes is simple and it is devastating. Here are a couple of pulled quotes: "Somewhere around 30 years ago, the economy started changing in some fundamental ways. There are now millions of Americans who do not have the skills or education to make it in this country.  Politicians pay lip service to this problem during election cycles, but American leaders have not sat down and come up with a comprehensive plan.  In the meantime, federal disability programs became our extremely expensive default plan."

The federal disability system is how we are paying people who don't know how to provide for themselves.

"The two big disability programs, including health care for disabled workers, cost some $260 billion a year. ... people relying on disability payments are often overlooked in discussions of the social safety net. People on federal disability do not work," but they are fully compensated. "But because they are not technically part of the labor force, they are not counted among the unemployed."

Folks, when you add the fully compensated disabled in this country to the ranks of the unemployed, 14 million people here that could be, should be, added to the totals of people unemployed, but they're not.

"People on disability don't show up in any of the places we usually look to see how the economy is doing. In Hale County, Alabama, 1 in 4 working-age adults is on disability." Twenty-five percent in one county in Alabama.  "On the day government checks come in every month, banks stay open late, Main Street fills up with cars, and anybody looking to unload an old TV or armchair has a yard sale."  There is an entire    well, it's above ground -- underground economy among the disabled, and this story gets into how you qualify for being disabled. The bottom line is you don't have to be disabled to qualify. All you have to do is be sick.

"Sonny Ryan, a retired judge in town, didn't hear disability cases in his courtroom. But the subject came up often. He described one exchange he had with a man who was on disability but looked healthy.

"'Just out of curiosity, what is your disability?' the judge asked from the bench.
'I have high blood pressure,' the man said.
'So do I,' the judge said. 'What else?'
'I have diabetes.'
'So do I.'"

Everything this guy listed, the judge said, "I do, too, but I'm working. Why aren't you?" Well, it's because of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  "There's no diagnosis called disability. You don't go to the doctor and the doctor says, 'We've run the tests and it looks like you have disability.' It's squishy enough that you can end up with one person with high blood pressure who is labeled disabled and another who is not."  It just depends on whether somebody wants to be disabled with high blood pressure and not work. That's how easy it is, 14 million and growing. 

And this is another thing. I guarantee you, people, the country cannot survive like this. We simply can't survive with more and more people doing nothing, contributing nothing, but getting full compensation for it. We can't survive. We can't survive if the moral fiber is going to be dealt a fatal blow. We can't survive if there's no backbone in this country. We can't survive. I mean, the country's always going to be here, but it isn't going to be the America that we've always known.

Something for the Flyboys: The Gulfstream G650
RUSH: For you aviation buffs, I've got to tell ya, you flyboys, you know what I got to do on Monday? I got to see the new Gulfstream G650. It's their new entry, as they say, into the corporate jet market. The only reason I'm telling you this story is because it's going to irritate the Democrats, talking about corporate jets.

They flew one in here. It was actually on its way to Montana and China.  It's one of their demos and they are flying it around to show people and, gosh, it's an amazing airplane. For those of you familiar, it's about 18 inches, a foot-and-a-half wider than any of the other Gs, the 350, 450, 550, 250, and it's a huge difference. Cabin height, I was standing with a guy 6' 3" in this cabin who had plenty of room. You didn't have to duck your head even to go in the door.

And the windows, Gulfstream's windows are trademark. They're an identifier. They're even bigger on this plane. Everybody's wondering how they got FAA approval for that, but they did. But it was a gorgeous airplane, and all of the lighting, the climate control, the audio/video, everything is controlled with an app on your iPhone. So you are sitting there and your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and there's a diagram of however you have designed the interior, a bunch of different configurations, but you can touch every seat and control the lighting, audio/video, and temperature at every seat in this thing.

One person can do that. The guy in the power seat can do that. So if you got somebody flying with you that you're ticked off at, you can freeze 'em out. Or you can sweat 'em out. 


Yeah, it's a free app. It comes with the airplane, Snerdley. (laughing) They throw that in. Yeah, they include the app. I think they will even include 14 iPods. They include one for every seat, which, they're $150. That's nothing. I mean, that's not even a rounding error for one of these things. The range of this thing is 16 hours, is the best way to put it. It's over 7,000 miles at Mach .9.  Now, just as a comparison, the G5, G550 is 6,700 miles at Mach .8. This is over 7,000 miles. What they've done, they kept this thing just under 100,000 pounds gross weight so that it is legal at Teterboro. A corporate jet will not sell if you can't fly it into Teterboro in New York. There's no point in buying one of these if you have to take it into Kennedy or big --


Well, actually the fuel consumption, they say the engines are much more efficient. The airplane is huge. It is amazing how big this airplane is. I took a couple of pictures. They gave me a model of it just like I have here of EIB 1. They gave me a model and it's just a gorgeous airplane. It's a four year waiting list, and you aviation buffs will understand what I'm talking about. Some people don't want to wait four years. So they will try to buy a position, somebody ahead of them.

No longer allowed. They void the warranty if somebody sells their airplane in line before it's been manufactured, which makes sense to me. So you're looking at third quarter 2017 if you buy one now. I think Steve Wynn got the first two, or one of the first couple or three that were delivered recently at his hotels out in Las Vegas. But it's a stunning airplane, and it was a real treat to be able to see it. And I wonder when I'm on there, has Jay-Z got one? Are he and Beyonce flying around on one of these things yet? 


Well, the configuration of it, you can configure it, 18 to 12 depending on    here's another thing: The sofa in this thing actually converts to a bed larger than a conventional twin, which is unusual for a corporate jet. The sofas are not that big usually, but there's so much room in the cabin. It's made to order for Clinton. It's state of the art, as you would imagine. I'm like my dad in this regard. I'm fascinated by the whole thing. I still, even though I understand aerodynamics, I still marvel that things that heavy and that big get off the ground.

I know how it works. I know intellectually how it works. It still amazes me.  I love airplanes. I love everything about aviation, and it was a lot of fun to be able to see the thing. I'm flattered they came in and showed it to me. And I was the only one. I thought when I went out, there would be a parade of people that were taking the occasion of its being here, but no, I had it all to myself for as long as I wanted. No, they didn't take it up. It was a ground visit.

I just wanted to share that with you flyboys out there, you aviation buffs, because it's everything that you have imagined that it would be. Just class, state of the art.

LA Times on SCOTUS
RUSH: The LA Times, by the way, on homosexual marriage, the headline: "Supreme Court Seems Willing to Restore Gay Marriage in California -- The sharply divided justices also appear uncomfortable with legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide."  None of them spoke up for a sweeping ruling, but the consensus is that either by dismissing the case, and probably by dismissing it on the basis of standing, that what will happen is Prop 8 will be invalidated. That's the popular interpretation of what happened yesterday at Supreme Court in the Drive By Media.

CNN Outraged Over Indiana Voucher Decision
RUSH: This was a big story today on CNN. I kind of enjoyed watching this because the CNN infobabe, the anchor and the reporter were fit to be tied over this. They just thought this was the most unfair thing and how could this happen? The Indiana Supreme Court yesterday unanimously upheld the state's school voucher program which extends to middle income families the opportunity to send their kids to private schools with public assistance. A coalition of teachers, parents and union officials had challenged the voucher program as unconstitutional. They said it used public money to promote religious education.

See, this is classic. That's not what voucher programs are. Do you know what voucher programs are? It's a way for people who otherwise can't afford it out of the public school system. Because the public school system has deteriorated now into nothing more than a little left wing indoctrination program. It's ridiculous what's happening in public schools. They're deteriorating.  They're in bad shape. Stuff that's taught in there is counter to the way parents want to raise their kids. So the voucher program puts parents back in charge of where their kids go to school.


There was one of these programs in Washington and it was overwhelmingly successful. It was aimed at poor and minority families in Washington, and it enabled people to go to schools like Sidwell Friends, where Obama sends his kids, where Chelsea Clinton went to school, where Al Gore's kids went to school. It's a big program in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's actually the ground zero for this program. But Barack Obama, one of the first things he did as president, was cancel the voucher program in Washington and that was done out of loyalty to the unions, the teachers unions and the public school system.

They don't care about the quality. Just keep them open to keep their teachers employed. But this was classic watching this being reported on CNN, how outrageous this is, how unfair it is, and it uses public money to select a few people to go to these good schools. It isn't fair that not everybody can go. Then they bring in the religious angle as a means to trying to get people to think that it's rigged and unfair and taught by a bunch of Bible thumpers and so forth.

This Mike Pence who is the governor of Indiana now, a big supporter of this thing both in theory and in practice, and the Christian Science Monitor has a story here today because this voucher program was extended to middle class families. Look at it this way. We have transfers of wealth in this country all over the place. We have income redistribution all over the place, and the left believes in it. It's taking from the rich and giving to the poor because the rich got rich by taking from the poor. I never understood the math on that, but they say it. And this is theoretically how the poor get their money back, by raising taxes on the rich.

So here comes a school voucher program that essentially takes money that is allocated for public education and redirects it to a voucher program so that families    it's their money that they just get to use as though they had the money themselves, could afford it and choose to send their kids to a better school. The voucher program takes the money that they otherwise put into the system via property tax and everything else and gives it back to them. It's their money in the first place and they get to use it. It's a pilot program. It's a way of competing with the public schools, and it outdoes them. Every time one of these plans is opened up, the list, the line of people who want to access the program is much longer than can be accommodated because everybody cares about their kids getting the best education possible. And when you extend it to middle class and lower middle class families, they just eat it up. And it's a great, great thing.

And here comes the left, the usual suspects, the teachers' unions, liberal parents, teachers themselves and the public schools opposing it, which is reason number one to support it in a lot of people's minds. And from the Christian Science Monitor story, the ruling is considered a precedent for other states that say parents should have greater choice in where their children attend school. What's wrong with that?

You know this freedom's an interesting thing, isn't it?  When it comes to homosexual marriage, "I want to get married. You can't deny me. I want to. It will make me happy. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness." Okay, fine. Go get married. A family comes along and says, "You know what would make me happy is my kid going to a decent school. That makes me happy. I want my kid to get a decent education." "You can't do that. We're not going to have school choice. We're not going to have that kind of choice." This is like in abortion, pro-choice, there's no such thing as choice. If you're pro-choice, you better be pro-abortion or they'll run you out of the pro-choice movement.

So it's kind of fun to throw their own words and philosophy back at them. "Well, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, I could be very happy if my kids are at a good school, and here's a program that allows my kids to go to a good school. The voucher program makes me very happy."

"Well, you shouldn't have that choice. You shouldn't have that freedom."


"Because not everybody else can."

So the ruling was unanimous, and it will have the left in an uproar once they get around to it after they expend all their energy on DOMA and homosexual marriage.




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