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New Castrati at Buffalo Wild Wings

RUSH: This guy is out of the New Castrati, and he's part and parcel of the culture. This is the kind of behavior that the left and the media cause with all of these never-ending frenzies and crises.  It's how you can get a kid thrown out of school for a Pop Tart shaped like a gun! You have an accident that occurs. It is assumed that it will happen everywhere now because the country's flawed.

"I Want to be an Obama"

RUSH: They're globally admired in a way that I'm not.  So my self-esteem is wounded by not being an Obama. I want to be an Obama, and they won't let me be one, and that isn't fair.  Now my self-esteem is wounded, and I'm hurt.  So I want to be considered an Obama -- and don't you dare tell me that I can't be an Obama just 'cause I'm not an Obama! Just because, by definition, I'm not a member of the family? That doesn't matter to me! I want to be one.  So the law has got to change.  If I want to be an Obama, my civil rights are being denied. 

An Olive Branch from a Libertarian

RUSH: We don't reject these olive branches out of hand by any stretch of the imagination.  One thing you can say about these libertarian college students as opposed to the mind-numbed robots of the left: At least they are actively engaged thinkers.  I don't know if there's any question about that. 


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