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"My New Year's resolution to go low profile and not get noticed is officially now out the window."

"The left isn't gonna let go of it, ever.  They never do, once these things start. Want me to go through the list here?  Did they let go of global warming?  Have they let go of amnesty?  Have they let go of legalizing drugs?  Have they let go of banning nuclear weapons?  Have they let go of gun control?"

"The Republican Party is doing everything it can to send the signal that it would be okay with some form of amnesty, it'd be okay with some form of gay marriage.  In fact, the more the better to get the issue off the table."

"The Republican Party is not really fighting much of anything budget-wise.  So my conclusion that gay marriage is inevitable was simply in recognition of what The Politico story said, that the Republican Party wishes it would go away."

"Once marriage isn't marriage -- once it's "hetero-marriage," once it's "opposite-sex marriage," once you concede that marriage doesn't mean what it means -- you have effectively lost the argument."

"Liberals never stop advancing their agenda, and they don't care about any causal effects of this.  They don't care if the country's never gonna be the same.  They don't care if the country's never gonna be unified."

"We allowed the definition of the word to change so that we could end up being called bigots and all religions could be called bigoted, and Christianity can be called bigoted."

"Do you realize, as this keeps going, one of the conclusions the left is gonna make is that 2,000 years of Christianity has just been a lie, has just been bigoted?  Do you realize what's at stake here and what is under assault?"

"I have learned over 25 years that it takes oftentimes ten different ways to explain something in order for some people to understand it."

"Without borders, there would never have been the United States of America in order to create the economy that is drawing people here in the first place."

"'Food stamps' and 'disability' now simply mean unearned money.  Food stamps and disability have a totally different meaning than their original intent."

"Deficit is now something that simply triggering the printing of money.  That's all a deficit means: An excuse to print money."

"Unions are used to destroy companies, entire industries on behalf of the Democrat Party."

"Environmentalism is an excuse to acquire government grants to increase taxes and regulations, to grow government, and to limit freedom."

"Environmentalism is another word for attacking the very fuel of the engine of freedom, and that would be fossil fuels."

"Everything's a crisis.  This is now a word used to justify the expansion of and the intrusion by government in every walk of life."

"Every faction of the Democrat Party is now a battering ram.  Destroy the institution of marriage, destroy borders, destroy education, destroy private sector health care, destroy private property, destroy the Constitution, destroy free markets!"

"The Democrat Party is nothing more than a battering ram, and they're using the language to disguise what they're doing."

"Even if the morality side could muster a 3% majority victory, where are we as a country anyway, with that great a division?"

"Unfortunately, many people who push back get much more than laughed at.  They're targeted for destruction.  Their businesses get boycotts. I mean, you name it."

"It's too bad that being able to work at your job without having the government take half of your earnings isn't a civil right.  It's just too bad that being able to buy whatever size soft drink you want is not a civil right."

"Look at all the things they'd have to leave us alone on if we could simply play their game, change the language, and say, 'My 32-ounce Pepsi is a civil right!'  'I'm only gonna give the government 30% of what I earn.  I have a civil right to keep 70% of what I earn!'"

"Environmentalism means that we are destroying the planet and the climate and therefore we have got to use government to get bigger, to limit people's freedoms -- 'cause it's people's freedoms that are doing the destroying.  It's people's freedoms!"

"Terms like "voter fraud" mean nothing if the Department of Justice will not prosecute it.  Voter fraud is something that doesn't happen."

"Statists, big government types, the left, they don't build anything.  They dismantle.  They destroy.  They tear down.  They pillage until nothing is left.  Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Detroit! Wherever you go, wherever they are unchecked, you find destruction in the name of emancipation or improvement or enlightenment."

"Obama's Jobs Act did not mean jobs.  It meant bigger government. It meant another commission.  But it didn't mean jobs."

"Without principles and push-back and a firm and stable legal construct, we have the unraveling of the country, where some little New Castrati "server" can take it upon himself to kick a couple of off duty cops out of a restaurant -- and feel righteous, by the way, and probably go to Twitter or Facebook or wherever he goes and tell the story. He's a hero."

"I don't know anybody else who wants to be an Obama but me, and I'm not enough to get it done on my own.  I'd need a whole movement out there helping me to move that idea along, and I want to become an Obama.  You could all be Obamas!  Wouldn't we all like to be loved and admired and rich like that?  Wouldn't it be great if we were all Obamas? Want something and take it. Want to punish somebody; be able to do it."

This idea that whatever you want to do, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, is fine. I don't think that type of vacuum exists, particularly under the umbrella of acceptance and constitutional republicanism and the idea of what it is that constitutes a great America."

"There are internal threats to the sanctity of and the strength of and the solidness of the country and the population as it exists.  It's always been under assault."

"One thing you can say about these libertarian college students as opposed to the mind-numbed robots of the left: At least they are actively engaged thinkers."

"I simply proclaim the inevitability of gay marriage and you would think that God has spoken on this. Honestly, on the left, you would think God has spoken on this."

"The Republican Party is not really fighting much of anything budget-wise.  So my conclusion that gay marriage is inevitable was simply in recognition of what The Politico story said, that the Republican Party wishes it would go away."
"This little pot-bellied dictator over in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, this guy's threatening to bomb us. Now, why do the Norks think they can bully us?  Why do they think they can get away with it?  He's promised to bomb LA, Washington and Austin, Texas, and nobody can figure out why Austin, Texas. The reason he named Austin, Texas, is that Samsung has a huge factory there."

"We're in the midst of mob rule.  There is no other way to characterize this.  Ridicule and wear down anyone or institution that does not relent."

"Hope you have a wonderful Easter.  Gosh, can I say that?  I can still say, 'Have a happy Easter'?  Good.  At least this year we can.  Have a happy Easter and a great weekend, folks.  It's not a three-day holiday, so we will be back on Monday.  We would be here anyway even if it was."

"Folks, I'm gonna tell you, when government starts passing out money, that's it. You talk to any beat cop in a city with homeless shelters, word spreads there's free food -- the lines increase like crazy."

"You start giving things away, and people will think that the government exists for them to live off of and to get money."

"The Official Program Observer has raised his hand for question. Yes, Mr. Snerdley, what is it? I don't know, Snerdley. I don't know how far the 'Wife Swap' thing goes."

"We don't know what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling on 'Wife Swap'. Strip poker... who knows what's going on in there?" 

"Three people in a relationship? Four people? Cool. I love it. Fine, man, let's all get married." 

"Dr. Carson's not allowed to do that without being punished.  The First Amendment applies to vile, hateful people, but not to a thoughtful, brilliant surgeon.  Vile, hateful people can say whatever they want about whoever."

"Dr. Ben Carson goes on Fox and says, you don't get to redefine the definition of a pillar of society, and it doesn't matter who you are.  Barack Obama, by the way, said much the same thing in 2004."

"Amidst all this talk of equality, Dr. Ben Carson is not allowed to voice his opinion.  His opinion is a formally mainstream position, but he can't articulate that now without being punished." 


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