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Just Amnesty? Why Not Also Cave on Obamacare to Woo Hispanics?


RUSH: As I mentioned the gun control thing took center stage the last couple of days of last week in the ongoing moving target that is the news of the day, the agenda item of the day.  And where we are on this now, Senator Chuck-U Schumer was on Meet the Press yesterday.  He talked about the stuff that the Gang of Eight has agreed to.  According to Chuck-U Schumer, probationary legal status for all illegals happens first.  Probationary legal status.  Now, you can read that amnesty, partial amnesty, whatever, but probationary legal status.  Once you cross that line, once you open that door there's no closing it.  Probationary legal status becomes legal status.  It's the first thing, and Schumer says that this is what the Gang of Eight has agreed to. 

After the probationary legal status obviously comes the path to citizenship.  Now, he didn't say, at least on Meet the Press, he didn't talk about border security happening first, which of course is Marco Rubio's requirement. Before anything can happen, Rubio said, before they'll get his vote, anyway, there has to be border security first.  Now, Schumer, he did not say, per se, that the citizenship process wouldn't start until after this other stuff had happened. He didn't say it explicitly, but to many people listening the implication was clear.  But it's also obvious that he's not, as a member of the Gang of Eight, Schumer is not trying to convey the whole ball of wax, the whole nine yards, amnesty unquestioned. 

He is putting the border security requirement in the mix, but by first saying that probationary legal status will be granted to the existing population of illegals, I mean, once you have that, once you have probationary legal status, the next thing is citizenship.  So opening that door, going inside that door of probationary legal status, that's always been the first thing.  So we'll see.  This was just Schumer on Meet the Depressed yesterday.  And the LA Times had an interesting question, because they're pointing out that Republicans are doing everything they can to send the signal to Latinos, "You know, we're not gonna be nearly easy hard-core on amnesty as we've been.  We're gonna reach out to you guys.  We're gonna reach out to you.  We want your votes.  We want you to know that we believe in you." 

This whole outreach thing, the LA Times said, "Hey, look, Republicans if you're gonna do that, why not just cave on Obamacare, too?  And if you're gonna cave on gay marriage, why not just cave on Obamacare?  Because Hispanics want Obamacare."  Now, the majority of the people in the country do not.  It still polls majority oppose.  But in the Hispanic community, a vast majority of people in that community do think by 70 to 30%, by the way, that government is the primary source of prosperity or money, government's the source of that.  Seventy percent, I don't know what the exact number is on health care, but a sizeable percentage, a majority, of Hispanics believe in Obamacare. 

So, if you're reaching out to Hispanics -- and this is just more pressure.  They're not asking the question. The LA Times is not asking it rhetorically.  This is a pressure-packed question.  "Well, hey, look, you guys, if you're gonna be consistent, if you're reaching out to Hispanics on amnesty and stuff, why not reach out to 'em on Obamacare, 'cause they want that, too?"  Interesting question.

RUSH:  I misstated something.  Schumer did, on Meet the Press, after describing the way probationary legal status would be the first thing to happen -- and again, folks, probationary legal status is something that, even though it's probationary, isn't gonna be taken away.  So that certainly means permanent.  Probationary legal status means citizenship.  But Schumer did say (I want to be accurate) that after the granting of probationary legal status, border security is part of what the Gang of Eight senators is putting together, and they've been working on ways to measure border security's improvement, and he means: Trust us on this. We're working on that.  We're gonna have many ways to measure the improvement we make in border security after we grant the probationary illegal status.

The Politico has a couple of stories up today about this whole immigration thing, the Republican version and the Gang of Eight bill.


RUSH: Now, back to the immigration story.  Marco Rubio is saying that despite what Schumer said yesterday on the Meet the Press, reports of an immigration deal are premature.  Senator Rubio, who is a member of the Gang of Eight said, "We're going to need a healthy public debate that includes committee hearings and the opportunity for other senators to improve our legislation with their own amendments."  In order to succeed, Senator Rubio said this process cannot be rushed or done in secret.  Well, he's right about that. It did not happen with Obamacare, and should have, and it should have with this, but we already know that other members of the Gang of Eight, including Republican members, are trying to ramrod this thing through so that none of what Rubio says is going to happen will happen. 

Rubio may be the only one of the Gang of Eight who wants to slow down and be deliberate about this.  This is citizenship 101.  I mean, a great way to characterize his attitude on this, Civics 101.  This is the way a bill gets put together.  We're gonna do hearings and we're gonna have testimony, and we're gonna have amendments, and we're gonna have everybody playing in this, and we're gonna vote on this, and we're not gonna have anything done in secret.  That's the old-fashioned way of getting a piece of legislation done.  That's not how it happens anymore, certainly with Obamacare.  It doesn't happen with any budget bill, or not very many. 

So we now have competing statements.  We got Schumer on Meet the Press yesterday, and let me tell you what he was saying, in a nutshell.  What Schumer was saying with all that rigmarole was that even though the Democrats have made sure we have never enforced our immigration laws for 60 years, if we get another amnesty, we will begin to enforce 'em.  That was the basic thrust of his message.  That's how he tried to massage border security.  But his first requirement, what he's calling probationary legal status, means you're immediately made legal, that's the amnesty, but you're on probation. You have to behave. You have to follow certain rules, otherwise we're gonna catch you and send you back. 

We know that isn't gonna happen, but he wants people to think that it's possible.  In exchange for probationary legal status there actually -- he wants us to believe -- will be systems where we're gonna be monitoring these people, and if they violate probation, per se, they're gone.  That's not gonna happen.  But he wants everybody to think it is.  Then the second promise is border security. He's basically saying, "Look, look, I know we've had 60 years of this and we've never enforced our immigration laws, but we're gonna start now as soon as we get this probationary status.  You can trust us."  Right.  And Rubio is saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Hold on.  There's no agreement to any of this yet.  Hold on."  And this is just a day after sending a letter to Patrick Leahy warning against this rush to legislate. 

Rubio released an Easter morning statement calling reports of a Gang of Eight reform agreement premature.  Well, the Gang of Eight reform agreement was essentially announced by Chuck-U Schumer on Meet the Press.  The day before that's when Rubio sent a letter to Leahy, because the Gang of Eight was moving at warp speed to get this done. Folks, if they could get this done this week, they could.  Rubio is thinking, at the earliest, this fall.  Rubio is thinking -- I happen to know this -- Rubio thinks it's gonna take that much time, if not more, to have all the testimony before all the committees and subcommittees to make sure that every senator has his questions or her questions answered.

I asked him, I asked him specifically what was his time frame on this.  He said this fall at the soonest.  Well, I'm gonna tell you, there's nobody on the Gang of Eight who's thinking this fall.  The Gang of Eight and a lot of other Democrats are thinking the longer this goes, the greater the chance we're not gonna get it.  And they're right.  The longer this goes, the more it becomes obvious to low-information people what's going on here.  The longer it goes, the greater opportunity for people to find out what the endgame really is, and that's when opposition starts to really mount again. 

One of the things that's frustrating to me, in 2007 this was beat back big.  If you'll recall in 2007, the House Republicans finally and for the first time stood up in opposition to the Bush White House, on anything.  But we had a mad dash for amnesty back in 2007 and you in this audience and all over the country let them in Washington know you didn't want any part of it and you shut it down, you stopped it.  Now, many people would assume that that same emotion and the same degree of opposition exists from 2007 to 2013.  It might, but it doesn't mean you don't have to go through the process again.  Just like conservatism was on display for what it is.  Conservatism and a conservative president and how great it is for the country. 

For eight years in the 1980s, and then five or six more years after, the nineties, the benefits, the triumph of conservatism was there for everybody to see.  But while that was happening in real life, the media and the Democrats were rewriting history and telling people how rotten and unfair it was, the Reagan years.  And so even though people lived through it, they were convinced it wasn't what they thought.  The good times, the good economy, the end of the Cold War, Berlin Wall coming down, Soviet Union defeated, none of that was real.  That was the illusion.  What people lived and actually remembered was rewritten, and so people were told that the reason the economy is bad today was because conservatism was triumphant for eight years in the eighties. 

So even though in 2007 a vast majority of Americans shut down amnesty, you would think that, okay, two, three years later, try it again, same reaction.  Nope, you gotta do it all over again.  So because the people of this country are being governed against, the will of the people of this country is being overwhelmed, subverted, whatever word you want to use, the will of the people is not being heard.  Well, the will of the people is heard.  It's not acted upon.  And so they're back.  Same players, couple of new ones are back all over pushing amnesty once again, the Democrat Party leading the way with the media.  And so the opposition process starts anew, all over again, as though it didn't happen in 2007 and as though it didn't happen in 2009.  This is how they wear people out. 



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