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Obama Easter Features Bashing GOP as Racist and Sexist, an Egg Roll "Celebration of Nutrition and Health and Activity"


RUSH: Did you see where the Obamas went to church yesterday, Easter Sunday?  They got the daughters off of spring break. They come back from the Bahamas and the Rocky Mountains for this photo op at church.  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the president isn't a little worried about his approval numbers.  CBS News, Washington: "Economic Pessimism on the Rise as Obama's Approval Declines" -- drops to 47%.  There are a number of polls now that have Obama significantly below 50%.  I think Rasmussen, interestingly, still has him at 50 or a little higher.  But there are at least three now where the president has plummeted below 50%. 

So it was time to get the daughters back, and it was time to go to church.  They're doing the Easter Egg Roll today.  They went to an Episcopal church, took the long walk across Lafayette Square, and they listened to a preacher on Easter Sunday blast Republicans.  The president of the United States chose a preacher whose sermon was devoted to claiming that Republicans want to force blacks to ride at the back of the bus again, a preacher who, in his sermon, said Republican want to make women go back to the kitchen, and the Obamas were probably flashing back to the old Reverend Wright days and thinking, "Man, it's good to be home."  Jesus' resurrection and Easter. Now, that's for The Bible TV show on Sunday night.  When you go to an Obama church service, all you're gonna get is Republicans being blasted. 

By the way, with Obama there, to talk about the resurrection is a bit disrespectful.  I mean, you've got the modern-day Messiah sitting there in the front row, and then to talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ is kind of insulting.  So I don't think the preacher talked about that.  But, remember, now, this is a president who, we were told, inspires everybody to come together.  You go back to the campaign of 2008, we're gonna come together in love and in tolerance.  And so on Easter Sunday the Obamas found a radical leftist minister who preaches hatred for Republicans.  His name was the Reverend Luis Leon.  I wonder if Reverend Leon could actually name a Republican who has called for blacks to go to the back of the bus. 

Why did the president sit there and listen to this?  Why did the president not stand up and excuse himself?  This is not the kind of sermon a president of the United States ought to have to listen to, particularly given in his honor, in the honor of his presence at Easter Sunday services.  Of course I'll tell you, folks, even with some churches, we were talking about this last week.  Easter's not a big deal.  The whole Christian thing as a fundamental part of the nation's founding is long gone anyway.  Easter has come to mean whatever the modern day interpretation, political interpretation of religion happens to be.  And for this preacher, it was the opportunity to regale the president of the United States with what a bunch of evildoers the Republicans are.  Women in the kitchen, blacks at the back of the bus, but no doubt he cannot name one Republican who has called for blacks to go to the back of the bus. 

And as for Republicans pushing women to go back in the kitchen, which party is it that's out there attacking women left and right?  Women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Mia Love, practically every female Republican candidate gets told to what?  Shut up, whether they're in the kitchen or not.  Bow down.  They are lied about; they are impugned; their character is ripped to shreds.  But, no, on Easter Sunday, the president of the United States sits there and listens to an Easter Sunday sermon from preacher Luis Leon accusing the Republicans of all of these horrible things.  I'm sure this preacher preaches this kind of stuff every sermon.  He probably just got a little jazzed that Obama was there, probably goosed it a little bit. 

Now, the Easter Egg Roll is today.  I want you to listen to Michelle Obama this morning at the White House.  This the 135th annual Easter Egg Roll, and before the festivities started, this is how she characterized it.  This is what it's all about.

MICHELLE:  Today we're gonna have more than 30,000 people who will pass through this yard in celebration of nutrition and health and activity.  So today we want you to have a great time.  We want to you run around. We want you to go over and see the White House garden. We want you to learn about making tasty, healthy food.  We're gonna come down and do some Easter Egg Roll.  We're gonna read some stories.  But overall, we want you guys to have a good time and keep moving and be healthy.  And, kids, eat your vegetables, okay?

RUSH:  Just keep moving to the exit gate.  The faster you're in and outta here the better for everybody.  So the Easter Egg Roll, ladies and gentlemen, it is a celebration, the young kids and their parents are showing up to celebrate nutrition and health and activity.  And probably mooch on their friends there.  You don't think that would be taught, do you?  How to mooch from your friends at a White House Easter Egg Roll?


RUSH: Here's Vinnie in Queens.  Vinny, talk to me.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH:  I don't know, Vinny. You tell me.

CALLER:  Happy Easter to you, by the way.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  I'll tell ya, it's Monday and you got me fired up already.  You had to open up with that Episcopal story.  Everybody knows that the word "Republican" is code for "white."  That's exactly what it is, and for you to tell me that the president of the United States sat there while an Episcopal person -- I'm not gonna dignify him by calling him a pastor or priest -- who would promote racism like that, just confirms the fact that -- and I hope someone from the White House is listening, and I know they are; I know they listen to your show -- that the president of the United States is indeed a racist, and he promotes racist behavior whenever he can.

RUSH:  Well, that's a -- You know what? It's a --

CALLER:  Him not getting up and leaving that church, like you stated, was one of the most heinous acts of racism that I've seen in a long time, because everybody knows the word "Republican" is code for "white."

RUSH:  That's an interesting take, that the president inspires it, inspires racism.  It may well be the case.  I'm sure that the "person" there -- the Episcopalian person, Luis Leon -- knew that Obama was coming in advance. You know he'd have to for security and all that. So he probably said, "All right, I'm gonna really rev it up now."  So Obama's presence inspires this guy to go all divisive, all racist and start jamming on the Republicans for wanting blacks in the back of the bus and women in the back of the kitchen, when he can't name a single person who does. But the president of the United States, you may be right, may have inspired that in this preacher, and then sat there and listened to it -- and, by definition, approvingly so, by not getting up and leaving it, and by not criticizing it when he walks out.  Which does not surprise me.  I know that this president's not interested in unifying people.  But a lot of people think he is. 

Gotta go, Vinny.  Thanks.



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