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Lady Gaga Turned Down $1M to Perform at RNC
RUSH: The Washington Examiner's reporting today that Lady Gaga turned down $1 million to perform at the Republican National Convention.  Obviously the RNC in low-information voter outreach there, trying to get Lady Gaga.  I mentioned this to some people today, and the reaction I'm getting from people is outrage.  Who in the world invited her?  There's no outrage that she would have turned 'em down.  There's outrage that she was invited.  I said, "Why?" 

"Well, she hates Republicans." 

And most of the people I ask about this were dumbfounded that anybody at the RNC would invite Lady Gaga to perform at the convention.  In an effort to get her, they even offered to give $150,000 to a domestic violence shelter if she would appear, but Lady Gaga said no.  So the Republicans then asked Dolly Parton, and Dolly Parton said no.  And then they went and asked the rapper Pitbull, and wanted him to show up at an event for the Hispanic Leadership Network.  The Republicans actually invited a rapper by the name of Pitbull to perform for the Hispanic Leadership Network.  Pitbull said no.  So they ended up with Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd.  But apparently the most money was offered to Lady Gaga.  And she, of course, as we've mentioned, turned them down. 

It's kind of fun to imagine what would have happened had she accepted.  Well, if she had accepted and if she performed up to expectations, she'd have spent the whole concert blasting the Republicans, wouldn't she?  But you shouldn't be surprised.  I mean, the party is reaching out to Hispanics by promising a quasi-form of amnesty.  We're trying to reach out to women with reaction to the War on Women as though we're guilty in conducting it.  So it kind of makes sense that they think they could maybe get some votes by having Lady Gaga perform at the convention.  I just don't see Lady Gaga and Mitt Romney on the same stage or in the same program, but that's just me.  But it's quite instructive.  Not a big deal, but it is quite instructive.

Woman Calls 911 for Help Ordering Food
RUSH: It's not confined any longer to Port St. Lucie, Florida, folks.  "A Hooksett, New Hampshire woman was arrested for allegedly calling 911 because she wanted help ordering Chinese food. Police say 57-year-old Elizabeth Niemi called 911 to get medical help on March 15th. When the fire department arrived, they learned that she really just wanted help ordering food. The police department investigated, got a warrant, and arrested Niemi almost two weeks later. She was charged with Misuse of Emergency-911. She was released on $5,000 bail and will be back in court in April," and I'm sure she can't figure out what she did wrong.  So we've had people call 911 because McDonald's is out of Chicken McNuggets, and I forget the other examples.  Now this one calls 911 for help in ordering Chinese food.

Putin Bans Gay Adoptions
RUSH: I have to tell you, it freaks me out that Vladimir Putin is saying things I agree with.  The Russian president has opposed the adoption of Russian orphans by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender foreign couples and has instructed the government and the Supreme Court there to prepare changes to existing law before July 1st.  So Putin is not allowing foreign lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender couples to adopt kids in Russia.  He tells their Supreme Court what to do.  Just like here. 

Now, stop and think of this.  You know what I find ironic about this is that back when I was growing up in the fifties, sixties and seventies, the left in this country loved the Russians.  The Soviet Union was where all the freedom was.  The communists were the idyllic. The communists, that's where utopianism was. Communism, everybody was taken care of equally. It was just wonderful. That's where utopia was, I kid you not.  To the left back in the day, and still to today, the United States was the great Satan.  And so now here's a KGB officer, I mean, this guy is what he is. He's an old communist, and he's speaking out against the popular issue of the day in Russia. 

Now on Food Stamps: 8.7 Million Americans
RUSH:  So, when I say, "and greetings those of you welfare recipients who are just getting up," we now know that officially they are there.  You know, 8.7 million Americans are on SSI.  That's the population of New York City.  They're not counted in the unemployment number.  It's quite interesting and amazing. 


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