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Rush on Walking Dead, Game of Thrones


RUSH: I just got an e-mail. "You know, you talk about stuff you watch on TV. Ever watch The Walking Dead?" I tried. Folks, I tried to watch The Walking Dead, and that show has me utterly, totally confused in terms of its popularity. I watched enough of it to get the storyline. It left me cold. I don't get it. But the thing about The Walking Dead that surprises me the most is that it is one of the goriest, most puke-inducing television shows I've ever seen.

Now, I don't care about that, but I'm amazed that a show like that... All we hear about from people that want to keep our kids safe and all that is to shield them from this kind of stuff. Yet that aspect of the show is never commented on by the critics. Other aspects of it are -- and why it's great, in their opinion. You know, we all have likes and dislikes. Whatever. The Walking Dead just escaped me somehow. I guess I didn't get in on it soon enough. I don't get it. Now, Game of Thrones is another one that I tried. (interruption)

Snerdley said, "It's awesome!"

I tried it. I just have a problem with medieval stuff or post-apocalyptic or whatever this is. (interruption) Fantasy. I have a real problem with it. I am so immersed in reality. I know this is contradictory when talking about television shows, but I don't know. I just... Maybe I should go back and try Game of Thrones again. (interruption) What did you say? (interruption) You're both speaking at the same time and I can't... (interruption) You see, this is what I mean. You like Game of Thrones? (interruption) Dawn is telling she likes Game of Thrones.
I would think, based on everything I know about her, that that show would make her repulsed; that she would lead the effort to get it taken off the air. They had a decapitated head of George Bush on one of the poles there of their vanquished enemies. I don't know. Anyway, those two have just kind of escaped me. The Walking Dead, I'm not interested in getting. I'm to the point now where I oppose it just because so many people like it. Maybe I'll give the Game of Thrones another shot, but I'm gonna have to go back to season one, right? (interruption)

I mean to really appreciate it? See, my problem... Okay, season one is on the DVDs, but it's not captioned. If I don't get the words of a show like that, the visuals are not enough for me. And then I saw this guy George R. R. Martin, the author of the story, talking about it, and I felt like I'm listening to a foreign language. You know, I'm so much of a literalist. Here's another problem. I'm so much of a literal type. Game of Thrones. It's not anything about that. There is no game, and there are no thrones. (interruption)

There are? (interruption)

And there's a game? (interruption)

Okay, so all these people are trying to get to the head throne in Westeros, and they're all power hungry. (interruption) Right. (interruption) It's all medieval, right? There's no air-conditioning? (interruption) They eat each other. There's cannibalism. (interruption) "Not a lot." Okay. But there's... (interruption) Okay, no restaurants. (interruption) "Foot wenches." Yeah. Yeah. It's all... No basketball. No football. You know, I'm listening to people describe this show to me in my IFB here, and if I didn't know better, I would think this show was produced by Republicans: serving wenches; people of color in the back of the chariot, or whatever it is they have.



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