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Time to Ban College Basketball as Player Snaps Leg


RUSH:  I don't know.  I don't know how they can continue to permit young boys in college to play basketball.  Did you see that gruesome injury yesterday?  The player for Louisville broke his leg.  Folks, this discussion involves the maneuvering of body parts in places they're not supposed to be.  If that sickens you, I'm gonna count down from five and you should stop listening for a while and just make sure you come back. 

Five, four, three, two, one. 

A young man was jumping to block a three-point shot from the perimeter right in front of the bench, came down wrong and the tibia just snapped and broke right through the skin.  And everybody was crying.  Coach Pitino was crying.  The team was crying.  The cheerleaders were crying. The audience, the crowd, was crying. The network telecasters were warning people as they replayed the video not to look at it, because it was so gruesome, as they continued to play it.  I was not watching.  I'm not a college athlete guy.  I don't have an alma mater.  I've just never been excited about it.  The uniforms look cheaper, everything.  But, anyway.  I said, "Well, I'll see this on YouTube and I'll find out what it's all about." 

I eventually found it on YouTube and I read up on it, and it apparently was just a gruesome sight, complete with the stretcher.  They actually needed a stretcher at a college basketball game.  That's unheard of.  There was no contact here.  There was no rule that would have prevented this from happening.  It was just the cruelty of the game.  And here we have young student so-called athletes, we don't even know if they're really going to class.  They're not paid anything.  In fact, if they do happen to get some money under the table, it's frowned upon.  They can hold up liquor stores and stuff or they can engage in petty crime and get their wrist slapped, but they have no legal source of income.  They're not paid for anything that they do. 

I don't know if this man will ever be able to play basketball again, all for the barbaric entertainment purposes of a bunch of fans.  And it is a great illustration of the crassness, the barbarism that is on the rise in our country and in our culture.  And it's not enough that people cried.  It's not enough that people felt bad.  That's not gonna mend the broken leg.  That's not going to take us back before the leg of broken and make sure that it doesn't happen.  You can cry all day long and it isn't gonna change anything.  I don't know how they can continue to play this game without making the court bigger.

The one thing they could do is maybe limit the speed with which the guys are permitted to run.  Lower the baskets.  Eliminate the 25-foot three-point line.  Do you realize the problems that are caused, the injuries that have been created with the three-point line?  Just eliminate it and you would get people closer to the basket where it theoretically is safer.  But, I mean, it's just wanton, brutal injuries taking place in a supposedly innocent childhood game.  I don't know. 



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