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What's Schumer's Magic Border Security Metric?


RUSH: Grab sound bite 18 real quick.  This is what Schumer said.  And, by the way, there is no probationary legal status for people waiting in line.  For people legally waiting in line for citizenship, in the Gang of Eight plan, there is no probationary legal status. The only probationary legal status that there is, is planned for people who are here illegally.  Now, here is Schumer on Meet the Press yesterday. F. Chuck Todd said to Senator Chuck-U, "You spent last week on the border with some of your fellow members of the Gang of Eight, including Jeff Flake.  This issue of border security and the metrics involved before launching the pathway to citizenship, that's been resolved?"  You guys have revolved the border security problem?

SCHUMER:  We've come to a basic agreement, which is that, first, people will be legalized. In other words, not citizens, but they'll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel.  Then we will make sure the border is secure, and we have specific metrics that are in the bill -- I'm not gonna get into what they are -- to make sure that that happens.  And after that happens, there's a path to citizenship.  And I think there's agreement among the eight on all of us, and I think most of the American people agree with that, that we should certainly do we -- We've made a great deal of progress in securing the border.

RUSH:  And here comes Senator Rubio saying (summarized), "No, we can't hurry this.  We need a healthy public debate that includes committee hearings; the opportunity for other senators to improve the legislation by their our own amendments. We can't do this in secret."  But you heard Chuck-U. (summarize)  "Well, we're gonna legalize people.  It's not citizenship, but we're gonna legalize them. They can work; they can travel.  Then we're gonna secure the border, and we've got the metrics.  I'm not gonna tell you what they are, but we've got 'em. It's a done deal, and then we're gonna move on to legalizing 'em -- and everybody agrees."  That's what he said.  Everybody agrees! By the way, that is a hook the Democrats use. "Oh, everybody agrees! The American people, everybody, everybody, agrees.  "Economists from all walks of life agree. Citizenship experts from all walk of life agree."


RUSH:  Senator Schumer, in that sound bite, Meet the Press, said we have specific "metrics" to make the border secure, but he wouldn't say what they are.  Well, what are they? Why didn't we do these sooner? Why haven't we done this yet?  If he's got these metrics, these magic bullets to make the border secure, where has it been, and why won't he tell us what it is?


RUSH:  You know, on this probationary legal status for current illegal immigrants in the country that Chuck-U Schumer's talking about, it sounds to me like no matter how you slice it, there's not gonna be any trigger on border security first, before probationary legalization takes place.  I mean, Chuck-U Schumer basically said that.  We're gonna make them probationary legal, which means they can work legally and they can travel all across the fruited plain.  They're just not citizens.  Which means that right now they can't vote.  And we're gonna do that before border security. 

Now, a lot of Republicans, including Rubio, have said nothing happens until border security is done first.  And yesterday Chuck Schumer on Meet the Press: put border security second.  And again to repeat, he said (paraphrasing), "Oh, don't worry about that, we've got metrics.  We've got all kinds of metrics, specific metrics to make the border secure.  Don't worry about that."

Well, why haven't they been used before, then?  What is this big secret?  What's the big secret here?  What is the magic that you guys have found to make the border secure?  And if you know what it is right now, why aren't you doing it now?  And why haven't you done it before? 

"Well, we can't get into that now," he said.  "We're not gonna get into the metrics here with you, Chuck Todd. Not on NBC, but just trust us, we've got the metrics." 

So I think it's pretty obvious that we're gonna get probationary legalization before border security.  That's what Chuck-U wants.  And Rubio said that there were he and four other senators in the Gang of Eight who were gonna insist on a trigger first, meaning border security first.  When have metrics, whatever the heck they are, when have they ever stopped anybody?  Do you even know what they are?  I mean that's throwing out a word, "Oh, they got it handled, Mabel, they got the metrics working.  Yeah, you remember, it's the metrics that stopped those people from crossing the border in the first place, and they got 'em now."  And Mabel sits there, goes, "Yeah, yeah, okay, the metrics; I got it."  And everybody thinks they're on to a new discovery when nobody has any idea what anybody's talking about. 


RUSH: Here's Alicia in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Great to have on you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Oh, thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  When I heard Schumer, I was so mad, I could spit.  And all I could think of was the adage my grandmother used to quote:  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  If the Republicans sell us down the river again like they did with Reagan, it will be time for a third party. 

RUSH:  You know, may I be devil's advocate with you on that, Alicia? 

CALLER:  Sure.

RUSH:  Seriously, I have been hearing off and on threats to go third party on immigration, on any number of issues, and I don't see -- I mean, I keep hearing the threat or I hear the reference.  I don't see any real substantive movement to form a third party.  If it ever happened, it likely would not be good, unless it's so outrageous what the Republicans do that they lose the whole party, in essence. 

CALLER:  You don't think they're gonna lose the whole party if they try and sell us down the river again?

RUSH:  Well, they're gonna do this, they're gonna try this.  It's in the cards, Alicia.

CALLER:  Lindsey Graham, McCain, they might as well be Democrats.  And for border security, what I want to see is three years with all four border state governors, never mind Napolitano, she's useless.  All four border state governors sign off that it's getting more and more secure in their states, for three years, before they even talk about anything else, and I'm in New Mexico, so --

RUSH:  Yeah, I know.  Well, if this happens, if the Democrat version of this happens, it's gonna be amnesty, and if that happens, it won't matter.  The Republican Party's finished anyway, whether it's official or not, they're never gonna win another election.

CALLER:  You're right.

RUSH: It's mathematics.  I'm not even speaking ideologically or philosophically.  It's simply mathematics.  If the Republican Party signs off on the Democrats getting 70% of 12 million new voters, how does the math help the Republicans?  Seventy percent of the current illegals, by history and polling data, are gonna vote Democrat.  So if there are 12 million of them, let's just round off numbers here, nine million new Democrat voters, versus three million.

There's that gruesome shot of that young man's broken leg in the basketball game.  Maybe they could make the basketball floor softer somehow, put foam on it or mats or something.  This is just unacceptable. 

Anyway, the math doesn't work out there, Alicia, and the Republicans are sitting there, and their consultants are telling them that Hispanics are Republican voters in waiting.  If that's true, why are the Democrats so damned eager to get them registered?  Right?

CALLER:  Yeah, it's true.  You know, we had it happen here in New Mexico this last election.

RUSH:  What do you mean?

CALLER:  Illegal voting.

RUSH:  Oh.

CALLER:  Driver's licenses.

RUSH:  Who needs one of those to vote?

CALLER:  Well, there's local elections.

RUSH:  Hell, in Chicago all you have to do is stay alive, and that's becoming a challenge.

CALLER:  Well, it's not quite that bad here.

RUSH:  Well, I know.

CALLER:  By the way, I agree, the first thing I said when I heard about the other two in Texas who got killed --

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  -- judges, I said, it's a drug cartel.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Prosecutors.

CALLER:  Yeah, prosecutors.

RUSH:  Judges in Mexico; prosecutors here.

CALLER:  Yeah.  And they kill them in Mexico all the time.

RUSH:  Of course.  But they want us to believe that a bunch of guys driving around in white vans, the Aryan Nation in Texas is out offing these people.  That's CNN. Alicia, thank you. 

Steve in Lakeland, Florida, you're next.  It's great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  How you doing?

RUSH:  I'm fine.  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Long-time listener, but first-time caller.  I'm a small business owner, and I'm here on an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa.  It's the only visa that allows you to come to the states, invest, but never leads to a green card, and all this immigration talk is kind of getting us riled up because we want to be included, and we think we are, but we're not sure.

RUSH:  Well, I guarantee you, you are not on the list for probationary legal status.


CALLER:  Well, I would hope not to have probation.  I would hope that having been here ten years and employed a number of people for a long term, I would hope that I would be at the front of what we think is an imaginary line, 'cause I don't see a line.

RUSH:  No, no, I understand. I know how you feel.  You've been playing by the rules, following along as you're supposed to, and you're watching whatever it is, 12, 20, nobody really knows for sure, that are automatically gonna get what you've been waiting in line for, overnight.

CALLER:  Well, the thing is, the visa I'm on, there is no line.  The visa I'm on has been enforced since 1952 and it's never been changed.  And as far as I'm concerned at the moment, we don't have a lot --

RUSH:  There's not enough evidence that people like you vote Democrat. 


RUSH: Mark in Tampa, it's great to have you on the program.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  Mega dittos to you today.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  You know, I was listening to the comments from Schumer, and I'm just gonna tell you that I don't think I'm alone when I tell you that I am just simply weary of the way that Congress is continuing to do the things that they're doing, and this is a perfect example.  You know, when they passed health care, they forced that through. We'll never forget, you know, you gotta vote it in and pass it to find out what's in it.  Well, we find out immediately after the election when they can release 13,000 pages of regulations.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  I contend that if we'd known that, Obama would not have been reelected.  We watched the president during the debates, you know, say there will not be sequestration.  And yet today we still don't know what spending cuts -- you know, there are no spending cuts.  All along his plan was simply to tax.

RUSH:  Now, Mark, you used the word "weary" to describe yourself.  Is that accurate?  Because if you are, they've won.

CALLER:  Well, I say "weary."  I mean it is so tiring and I'm sure people just wonder how it is that we can fight this.

RUSH:  Well --

CALLER:  You know, I think Rubio is right. I personally think that Rubio is absolutely right.  I think that when he says we've got to force this discussion back into the public, I don't think that eight senators, I don't care who they are, Democrats or Republicans, can decide this issue by themselves, behind closed doors, and think they've got the problem solved.

RUSH:  Well, they think they can, and they want to.  They don't want what you want.  They don't want what Rubio wants.  They want to ram this thing down before anybody has a chance to know what's in it, a la health care.  But Mark, I think people are getting weary, as opposed to fired-up angry.  They've been there.  You know, it's impossible for a human being to maintain that kind of emotion. I don't care what it is.  It could be lust/love. It could be hate. It eventually subsides and I don't doubt there are people who hear this and say, "Ah, gee, what are we gonna do?"  No matter we beat it back and the judges tell us it's unconstitutional in California. We beat it back and they come back in the next Congress and they just keep battering us.  I mean, the Democrat Party is a battering ram, and they're ramming us each and every day with another set of stuff that we don't want, and a lot of people, "What can we do?"  And they're retreating into an attitude that leads them to try to protect what they've got and then leave everybody else to figure it out for themselves.

CALLER:  I think you're right.  But I will say this.  I think if the Republicans go along with this and they play this game one more time, I know that I've been a Republican all my life, for 30-some years, okay?  Burn me once, burn me twice.  Third time, I'm done.  Okay?

RUSH:  Well, I hear this over and over and over, and I don't doubt it at all. 



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