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Caller Asks Why Nobody's Stopping Anchor Babies


RUSH: Blaine in Lexington, Kentucky. Hi, Blaine! I'm glad you called.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, Rush. Lexington, South Carolina. Listen, you've placed a heavy burden on my shoulders. Snerdley said if I ask you a boring question, I would answer to him personally. So I hope I don't do that.

RUSH: Well, let's find out.

CALLER: Okay. The question is, how can...? You know, you were talking about border security yesterday. Now, how could we possibly have border security unless we address the question of anchor babies. Not only address it, but settle it? None of the Gang of Seven (sic) have mentioned this, and the only way that it will be resolved is to repeal that part of the 14th Amendment that says that persons that are born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States. We'll never control our borders, and the number of people coming in or who comes in, unless we repeal that part of the 14th Amendment.

RUSH: Anybody talking about doing that?

CALLER: Not one person. I haven't heard it anywhere. Nowhere. And not only from politicians, but on talk shows.

RUSH: You know why it won't be talked about?

CALLER: And why is that, sir?

RUSH: Well, because they're all Democrat voters, or thought to be. They're all thought to be potential future Democrat voters.

CALLER: Well, no. I understand that part. But at least the Republicans ought to be saying, "We've got to address the question of anchor babies." Now, I don't know why they aren't.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The Republicans would be portrayed as anti-Hispanic if they ever said something like that.

CALLER: Oh, Lord have mercy. Okay. I can't win that one, I guess.

RUSH: Well, the Republicans are in the process of a new program of outreach to the Hispanic community, and so that wouldn't dovetail with repealing that provision of 14th Amendment that says if you're born here, you're a citizen.

CALLER: But, again, Rush, we have got to secure the borders. If we are going to secure the borders, that, to me, is step number one. So I understand what you're saying, and I understand the reason you're saying it, but --

RUSH: Well, let me just tell you this.


RUSH: I just want to prepare you for this fact. Your question has not been boring, but I'm just gonna tell you that at some point we are going to be told that border security has been achieved, an agreement on it has been achieved. It's gonna be part of the comprehensive immigration reform bill, and it will not include anything about anchor babies.


RUSH: So you better prepare yourself for that. Border security is going to mean one thing, and that is the impression that is going to be created that we've finally gotten a handle on illegals getting into the country. Whether we do or not, that's what we're gonna be told. That's how it's gonna be defined. There will not be any such action, as you have expressed here, on anchor babies. I could be wrong, but I just don't see it at all.



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