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Childhood Called a "Disease" for One-in-Five Kids


RUSH: How about this headline? New York Post: "A Disease Called 'Childhood.'" Do you know, ladies and gentlemen, one out of every five kids in this country is struggling with mental illness? We're told, in this story. One out of every five kids is on a drug for attention deficit disorder. One of every five -- primarily boys, but all kids -- is hyper. One out of every five, something dramatically wrong. They need drugs. This is a diagnosis. This is not... Well, I don't think it's reality. It's what somebody claims is reality.

"Allen Frances, MD, was the chairperson of the task force for the fourth edition of the 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.' His new book, 'Saving Normal: An Insider's Revolt Against Out-of-Control Psychiatric Diagnosis... Last week, the Post reported that more than 145,000 city children struggle with mental illness or other emotional problems. That estimate, courtesy of New York's Health Department, equals an amazing 1 in 5 kids. Could that possibly be true? ... [T]here's been a massive mislabeling of psychiatric diagnosis among children because of recent medical fads.

"In the last 20 years, rates of attention deficit disorder have tripled, while autistic disorder and childhood bipolar disorder have each increased by a remarkable 40-fold." So in the last 20 years... In fact, let's go back prior to the last 20 years. We'd never heard of Attention Deficit Disorder. We'd never heard of this hyperkinetic diagnosis. We hadn't heard of autism or we were just on the verges of it. Now, one-in-five kids has it. And the parents? We're drugging kids into a mellow, non-interruptive, don't-bother-the-parents state. Isn't that what it is? Don't bother the teachers. Don't bother the parents. Here's some Ritalin or whatever you give them. (interruption)

"Don't bother the girls." Oh, yeah!

Don't bother the girls. Don't be too active; stay still, except when Michelle wants you to get active, then you get active. But other than that, we don't want to have to worry about where you're going or what you're doing. In other words, "We don't want you to be boys. We don't want you to be what nature had in store for you, 'cause we don't want to deal with it." So we've come up with these drugs. Now, I'm gonna tell you: I have shared this theory with a bunch of people you knew have kids, and they won't hear of it. They will not hear of it. It is stunning to me how many people are comfortable with having themselves or their kids diagnosed with some disorder, because it's an excuse.

It's an explanation. It's a justification for a whole bunch of things that don't go right. The drug companies enjoy it, the therapist community (if you can call it that) enjoys it, and the girls enjoy it 'cause they're not being harassed. They enjoy it for a while, then they start thinking it's them. At some point, girls want the attention of boys. At some point. If only to reject it, they still want it. The boys are not even going to college anymore, in greater and greater numbers, 'cause there nothing there for 'em other than the girls -- and the girls are not worth being around, 'cause the girls have been told various things about the boys. You can get government benefits if your child has Attention Deficit Disorder, and adults can get SSDI if they have Attention Deficit Disorder.

We had one on the phone yesterday: SSDI, SSI, food stamps, ten different pharmacists, bipolar, depression.

Everybody's screwed up, and now we have justification and a reason for it.


RUSH: "Medication use in children has skyrocketed... The biggest offenders are antipsychotic drugs, which," it says here, "cause an average 12-pound weight gain in just 12 weeks in kids who started out weighing 110 pounds." So many of the anti-psychotic drugs happened to feature weight gain. One of the reasons why is they slow down the metabolism. It's all part of the mellowing-out process. The metabolism is slowed and weight gain takes place. But seriously, the amount of medication being prescribed to children in America today would not even have been thought of 20 years ago. Many people look at this as progress. A lot of other people don't.



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