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ERA, Flawed America Hot Topics on Nickelodeon


RUSH: Gloria Steinem was on a Nickelodeon TV show, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.  It was a special on women's history entitled, "Are we there yet?  Women's History: Past, Present, and Future."  Linda Ellerbee -- this is Nickelodeon -- young girls watching this show.  Linda Ellerbee says, "Gloria, what would an Equal Rights Amendment give girls that they don't already have today?"

STEINEM: Equal access to the Constitution. I mean, so that discrimination based on sex would be as much suspect as a category as discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin.  When the Constitution was written, it didn't include women.  It didn't mean women.  It didn't mean black men.  You know, it did mean white men.  And so the good thing about the Constitution is that we have continuously amended it and expanded it so that we can have a democracy.

RUSH:  So, you see, these young kids are taught that the Constitution's a flawed document, that the country's founding was flawed, unjust, immoral, and was for the benefit, exclusive benefit of white guys.  Everybody else didn't matter. Everybody else was nothing more than a second or third-rate entity, and these white guys set it up for themselves and their ancestors in perpetuity.  But only until courageous freedom fighters like Gloria Steinem came around did we ever have a real democracy.  You can find this belief echoed in people who are 35 years old today. 

No, women don't have access to the Constitution yet.  Blacks don't have access to the Constitution yet.  We're still not finished.  We're not through with getting rid of white man's greed running a world in need.  When the president of the United States go to Easter Sunday services and listen to a preacher in an Easter Sunday sermon accuse the Republicans and find a biblical route to modern times where Republicans want blacks on the back of the bus and women still in the kitchen, in 2013, the president of the United States goes to church on Easter Sunday and hears that sermon and does not walk out, it speaks volumes about what the president believes, what he wants to hear, how he is governing, what it is that he thinks of the country, in addition to what's being taught to people from kindergarten on up.



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