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"Obama is campaigning against what's happening in America right now. He's campaigning against the debt that he caused.  He's campaigning against the deficit that he caused.  He's campaigning against health care that he fixed. And this is all done -- brilliantly so -- to make sure that nobody attaches Obama or his agenda to the direction the country's going."

"Don't doubt me on this: right now, the Republican brand, if you will, is so mired in negativity that nobody wants them to be right."

"If you look real hard today in the back of the front section of the New York Times, you'll find a story on Obamacare, which is where a lot of the stories on Obamacare are now in the New York Times -- because the news on Obamacare isn't all that good."

"Today everything is boring me. Everything in the world -- I don't care about any of it today! I guess I'm not supposed to tell you that."

"Regarding Obamacare, the Democrats don't want this kind of failure going into the midterm elections or the presidential election. They don't want it. That's why 2015 is sort of a drop-dead date to get as much of this implemented as possible. "

"I once ran into a former director of the CIA and I said, 'Were you aware of everything the agency was doing?' 'No, it's impossible,' he said. Now, I know that that's intellectually true, but it still shocks me."

"What is health care? You go to the doctor when you're not feeling well; if you need surgery, you go to the hospital for an operation. Well, with Obamacare, we've turned that into something so complicated that our new way of dealing with it is inexplicable to people."

"Let me ask a question. Isn't it a little racist of the media to assume that Obama would be good at basketball? I mean, where is this lofty expectation of Obama on the basketball court coming from?"

"Why does anybody think Obama would be good at basketball? Because he spends a lot of time playing it? Well, he's not good at golf. This we know."

"Chris Clemons believes if somebody comes out as gay in NFL, the team's locker room is going to be divided immediately; says it's a 'selfish act'. Now, how long is it going to be before Chris Clemons is punished for this kind of bigoted reaction to what would otherwise be a day of great emancipation?"

"Would you believe I didn't care about anything I talked about in the first hour? You don't believe that? Well, that's because I am a professional."

"Everything that's happening in this country... the wrong solution is going to be taken. We're going to keep plunging forever down to this abyss, and it's going to be harder and harder to recover from."

"We're not losing the information war with high-information voters, the problem is we're losing it with low-information people."

"There isn't any real intellectual application that goes into votes for Democrats. There can't possibly be. People vote for Democrats based purely on emotion -- purely."

"The problem is -- and I am dead serious about this -- we're dealing with children in adult bodies when we talk about the low-information voter. They will stay mired in what is incorrect and wrong on purpose just to defy you."

"Had to take Punkin, the cat, into the vet this morning for a procedure that required her not to be able to eat after midnight last night. She didn't understand it; you could see total confusion on her face -- it broke my heart! I said, 'Sweetie, I can't feed you, it's for your own good,' and the little thing started biting my ankles when I was shaving."

"One thing about extremists: they really get to the point. I mean, just like that."


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