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New Yorkers the Least Free of Any State
RUSH: CBS, New York: "New York may be first in taxes, but a survey has ranked it dead last in one important characteristic: freedom. That’s the verdict from one conservative think tank, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported. Young visited the Byram River on Friday. It is one of the many borders that separate New York and Connecticut. A new study says the New York side of that river is part of the least free place in America. ... The study in question is talking mostly about taxes and business regulation."  New Yorkers enjoy less freedom than residents in any other state, and guess what?  They continue to elect the people that are encroaching on their freedom, so they are perfectly fine with it. 

Nothing New from Apple Since October
RUSH: I was reading show prep, desperately trying to find something that wasn't boring to me.  Do you know what's really got me ticked off?  Apple hadn't released anything new since October and I think that's what's really got me ticked off. 

Karl Marx was a Stinky Anti-Semite
RUSH: You know what I heard about Karl Marx, by the way? I found out, apparently there's a new biography on Karl Marx.  Apparently the guy was an absolute reprobate, lived with his parents practically his whole life, stunk, body odor out the wazoo, was horrible when it came to hygiene.  The guy was an anti-Semite to boot, did not like Jewish people. 

This is the father of modern liberalism. The godfather of communism was a reprobate, could have been a member of Occupy Wall Street.  Sounds exactly like one of their members.  And yet he's held up on a pedestal as one of the great thinkers.  He was a sponge. He lived off his parents. He never took a bath, and even when he did he didn't use any antiperspirant or deodorant.  Well, they might not have had antiperspirant back then, and even if he had, he wouldn'ta used it because some capitalist tool would have probably invented it.  But he sponged off his parents. 

Rush Bored Silly, Too Professional to Let It Show
RUSH: Even though I'm bored silly today, I still can't believe how fast the first hour went by.  Would you believe I didn't care about anything I talked about in the first hour?  You don't believe that?  That's because I am a professional.  I am a deeply talented, highly trained broadcast specialist, and even when I'm bored silly, you would never know it unless I told you, which I did.  I don't know why.

You know, I'm gonna go home tonight, and I'm gonna feel very bad, I'm gonna feel bad. I'm gonna feel like I need to come in here tomorrow and apologize for bleeding all over you people and dumping on you 'cause it's just three hours here. If I can't gut it up for three hours, what am I worth?  You've all got your problems and trials and tribulations.  You don't need to care whether I'm bored silly or not.  It doesn't matter a hill of beans anyway.  I'm not expecting sympathy, Snerdley.  Don't misunderstand.  I'm trying to gauge or get, provoke any kind of reaction.  Just being honest. 

Never Apologize and Be Happier
RUSH: Smithsonian Mag: "People Who Never Apologize are Probably Happier Than You." Researcher Tyler G. Okimoto said, "When you refuse to apologize, it actually makes you feel more empowered. That power and control seems to translate into greater feelings of self-worth." He made his findings available at NPR.

Bad at Their Jobs and Loving It
RUSH: Wall Street Journal: "Bad at Their Jobs and Loving It." I kid you not. Never apologize and you're happier. Bad at your job and loving it. Little white lies, they're great for everybody! Being unemployed? It's a wonderful way to put the family back together! Every liberal disaster has a silver lining that makes you actually better off for it.

Punkin Limbaugh Perplexed By Missing Food Dishes
RUSH: I had to take Punkin, the cat, into the vet this morning for a procedure that required her not to be able to eat after midnight last night. So I got up this morning and the little cat made a beeline for where her food bowls weren't. She didn't understand it. You could see on her face, total confusion. She didn't understand. She was looking at me with those big eyes. It broke my heart. I said, "Sweetie, I can't feed you. It's for your own good." The little thing started biting my ankles when I was shaving. Oh! Oh, jeez.






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