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Racist Media Assumes Obama's Good at Basketball


RUSH:  We got all these things going on. Obamacare can't possibly be implemented in time, it's too massive, it's too big, nobody really knows what it is. We've got the City of Stockton, California, officially bankrupt. Everything else going to hell in a handbasket... and the media simply can't stop talking about the fact that Obama only sank two out of 22 free throws or shots.  They're embarrassed.  The media, we've got the audio sound bites coming up.  They're embarrassed Obama was so bad out there on the court. 


RUSH: The news media is still shaking their collective heads over Obama missing all but two of his 22 free throws on the White House basketball court during the Easter Egg Roll on Monday.  Let me ask a question.  Isn't it a little racist to assume that Obama would be good at basketball?  I mean, where is this lofty expectation of Obama on the basketball court coming from?  We have it at his word.  He tells us that he's good at basketball, and we already know from others who've worked with him that he thinks he's an expert at everything.  Maybe he thinks he's excellent at free-throw shooting.  Anyway, they're very, very concerned about this.  CBS This Morning.  This is Bill Plante, and it is from today.

PLANTE: Surrounded by young fans and a couple of members of the NBA's Washington Wizards, the president lofted a few shots from the field and missed.  Then there was a free throw that sat tantalizingly on the rim before rolling out.  It ended with the president going 2-for-22, including an air ball and a missed layup. But the President kept trying, and he kept missing, until finally he nailed a jumper (cheers) and wasted no time getting off the court.  Well, if you needed any proof that Barack Obama is intensely competitive, that was it.

RUSH:  Really?  Who was he competing against?  It was free throws, for crying out loud.  Was he playing horse with somebody?  So he makes two out of 22, and they're beside themselves, "Oh, no."  And then he sank a jumper and all was well.  Oh, they were beside themselves.  But isn't it a little racist to assume here that he'd be good at basketball?  Why does anybody think he would be good at it?  Because he spends a lot of time playing it?  Well, he's not good at golf.  This we know.  Last sound bite, Bill Plante's report you just heard.  Now we've got a reaction to it.  Charlie Rose, Norah O'Donnell, and Gayle King.

ROSE:  You know, he's got game.  It must drive him crazy --

KING:  I would think so, too.

ROSE:  -- to miss that many shots.

O'DONNELL:  I know.  What did he hit, two out of 22 shots there in front of everybody?

ROSE:  What did you call him, commander-in-choke?

O'DONNELL:  No, the choke-in-chief.  He went from the commander-in-chief to the choke-in-chief, yeah.

KING:  Well, maybe, guys, he just didn't want to show up the children.


ROSE:  Maybe not.

KING:  Or was he just having a bad day.

ROSE:  Maybe not.

O'DONNELL:  What did you say, Gayle, a bunch of bricks, right? 

KING:  Yes, that's what they call it in basketball land.


RUSH:  Meanwhile, folks, we're in real trouble in this country. We've got cultural rot. We've got economic decay, and this kind of coverage of the president, right there in the middle of Limbaugh Theorem.  All of these destructive things are taking place in our economy, and he's totally divorced from it, not attached to it in any way, shape, manner, or form other than the perception that he's working hard trying to fix it all. 

I remember, by the way, you might remember this, too, Obama claimed that he never made his high school basketball team because he played black-style basketball, remember that?  He claims the coaches didn't like black-style basketball.  So, what, is missing 20 out of 22 free throws black-style basketball?  He did.  He said that.  That was in his book, I believe.  He didn't make the basketball team because the coach didn't like black-style basketball.



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