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We're Dealing With Children in Adult Bodies When We Talk About the Low-Information Voters Supporting Obama


RUSH: We are gonna go to Marshall in Dayton, Ohio.  Hi, Marshall.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  How you doing, Rush?

RUSH:  I'm doing great.  How are you?

CALLER:  Excellent.  Excellent.  Excellent.  All right, let's talk about the Obamacare situation, because way back when you were talking about that, that's when I called in to talk to Mr. Snerdley. And what I was talking about was an opportunity that is presenting itself if certain individuals decide to take advantage of it. And that is primarily the so-called low-information voter, as you call them, when they start getting these high bills for insurance, so, for example, in the state of Ohio, where I'm located, health insurance premiums are expected to go up as high as 80%.  Now, kind of like that analogy where, you know, how do you get the attention of a donkey. If it's not paying attention to you and you want it move, smack 'em upside the head with a two-by-four.

Well, when these people get these bills that are coming, they're gonna be basically smacked upside the head and they're gonna realize that this is not supposed to be what's supposed to happen.  Obama kept talking about the Affordable Health Care Act was gonna lower insurance rates and all this kind of thing. So when the exact opposite happened and these people realize they have to pay for it, they're gonna be pretty pissed off.  And if there is a campaign already in place to take advantage of the fact that, hey, look, we told you this was gonna happen but you didn't listen to us, but we told you it was gonna happen and now what you need to do is vote those people out of Congress that voted for this stuff, because they knew it was gonna happen, they knew you were gonna be paying higher rates, and there you go.

RUSH:  There is one potential problem with your scenario.  Frustrates me to say so.  But there's one potential problem.  And don't doubt me on this.  Right now, the Republican brand, if you will, is so mired in negativity, that nobody wants them to be right.

CALLER:  I understand that.  I got the answer.  This answer is this.  Because Republicans have proven that they are not smart enough to handle this particular situation to begin with.  They're the ones that allowed their brand to become so sullied and tainted.  Okay?  And actually -- and this is something I really don't have the answer for, it all really kind of began when W was in office, because, for example, he allowed his brand to be sullied and tainted over the weapons of mass destruction thing.  Oh, there was no weapons of mass destruction, you know?  It was all lies, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  However, the truth was -- and he knew it, and Karl Rove knew it as well, the truth was that the original intelligence about the weapons of mass destruction being over there in Iraq came from the Clinton administration and was reported by ABC News and the Guardian, UK.  All right?  As a matter of fact, if people go to the Internet and look for that, they'll find it.  As a matter of fact, as you will remember, the big CNN debacle that happened in Columbus, Ohio, when (unintelligible), Madeleine Albright, and William Cohen had that town meeting that CNN promoted, and it was gonna be about the explanation of why we gotta bomb Iraq.

RUSH:  I remember it.  I remember it.

CALLER:  Yes. 

RUSH:  Bernie Shaw lost control of the crowd.


CALLER:  I was there credentialed as a media representative.  I was boots on the ground, I saw it personally.  And so the thing about it is this.  That is where the whole weapons of mass destruction idea came from.  So after 9/11, when both Condi Rice and W are talking about, we can't wait for a mushroom cloud to happen, it's because there was a situation whereby we had to take these rumors serious, because people are willing to (unintelligible) Americans had already proven it.  So when the media started hitting W about, you lied about weapons of mass destruction, there were no weapons of mass destruction --

RUSH:  Wait just a second.  Wait, wait a minute.  All of this doesn't matter.  Everything you're saying is true, but nobody is blaming the Democrats today for it. Nobody's blaming the intelligence community.  Everybody's blaming Bush for lying about it, no matter what you know to be right.  My point is -- let me finish the statement here -- the other day, a group of people sat down with some people and proposed solutions to the country's problems, issue by issue, overwhelming 55, 60% of the people agreed with the conservative solution until they found out they were Republican ideas. Then they said, to hell with it, and they ran away.  Now, in your scenario, where we start setting the table, we know what's gonna go wrong, we know the price is gonna skyrocket, we wait for it to happen. These young punks, when it happens to them, we're there, we say, "See, we told you so." They're gonna say, "You're Republicans, and we don't want to hear anything from you and we don't want you to be right, and so we're gonna stick with the Democrats."  That's how bad the situation --

CALLER:  I have the solution, okay?  To that.

RUSH:  Well --

CALLER:  This idea -- by the way, Rush, I'm not a Republican.  I'm an independent.

RUSH:  Just tell me what the solution is.  Don't take me back to Clinton in 1998 and Dayton.

CALLER:  The solution is that it's not a Republican effort.  In other words, we have a fifth column effort going on. We have a totally different group of people that is just concerned about the truth and getting the truth out there and has the stones to get the job done the way it's gotta be done, which Republicans have proved they do not have, okay?  Now, I said I'm an independent.  I'm a conservative independent, but I'm an independent.  All right?  And the thing I recognize, what Republicans obviously seem to be clueless about, is that this is not politics-as-usual anymore.  This is a cold war, cold civil war.  This is information warfare.  That's how the battles are fought now.  If you don't understand how information warfare works, then you are not capable of waging a war against the Democrats, because that's exactly what they're doing.  I understand what's going on, and the solution is to basically divise ways to get around these traps and pitfalls that the Republicans allowed themselves to fall into.

RUSH:  Okay, let me give you a scenario and you tell me what your solution to this is.  We've got young man and young woman, 30, 35 years old, vote Democrat, think that Obamacare was gonna lower their prices and they really believed it. They get their bills, it's not implemented, the price skyrockets, and you're there, and you say, "We told you so," and they say, "Who are you?"

CALLER:  Okay, I'll answer that.  We don't say, "We told you so."  Basically what we do is expose the fact that Obama told 'em exactly the opposite.  There are tons of video material out there and sound bites where Obama's talking about all the things that Obamacare was gonna do for everyone to make it all wonderful.  And you play that stuff, juxtapose what the real reality is, and then you expose all the people that voted for it knowing that it was gonna happen --

RUSH:  You see, the problem is that we're not losing the information war with high-information voters. We're losing it with low-information people, and you are going to treat them as though they're high-information people when you tell 'em what went wrong about what they believed.

CALLER:  Okay, I just responded to you what you just said.  (unintelligible) --

RUSH:  Well, you said that we're gonna tell 'em, "we told you so," and I'm just telling you that when the "we told you so" crowd is Republicans, they're gonna reject it --

CALLER:  Right --

RUSH:  -- unless something changes.

CALLER:  It can't be Republicans.  The Republican brand is too damaged.

RUSH:  Well, then who's gonna tell 'em?  What am I?  Let's say they call here, "Boy, I'll tell you what, you know, my prices are going up."

CALLER:  If they call you, Rush, then you tell 'em.  Okay?  What I'm saying is the message can't necessarily be Republican, because you're exactly right, their brand is so damaged, but there are those of us out there that are not necessarily recognized as Republicans.

RUSH:  Okay, so you're gonna tell 'em?


RUSH:  You're gonna tell 'em?  Okay, you're gonna tell 'em.


CALLER:  There's enough of us out here who are conservative and also very smart and savvy and (unintelligible) communication that can handle this kind of thing if they get organized to do this.  Because the thing is it can't come from the RNC, the message can't come from them.  It's gonna have to come from a third party.  But the job can be done and the battle can be won.  What you do is you identify all these people, like Nancy Pelosi, you know, that said, "Oh, we gotta vote for it so we can see what's in it." And now when these people find out what's in it and it's coming out of their pocketbook, they're gonna be ticked off, and you have to channel that energy and that anger directly at the Democrats and get them out in 2014 so it becomes like 2010.

RUSH:  No question, there's no question about that.  All I'm telling you is, it's going to be a trick to pull that off.  They have an emotional investment in their vote for Obama, and they have an emotional investment -- hell, they're all emotionally invested.  There isn't any real intellectual application here into votes for Democrats.  There can't possibly be.  Now, they might think they're being intellectual in their analysis of Democrats.  People vote for Democrats purely on emotion, purely.  You would never vote for a Democrat unless you have the ability to fool yourself into thinking that you are thinking when you're not.


RUSH: I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud. Folks, I've been doing this my whole career. How many times have you heard us play audio sound bites from Obama explaining exactly what he wants to do with health care, turning it into single-payer? The conservative blogosphere, for four or five years, has done nothing else but expose all of the lies, misrepresentations -- everything to do with Obama and the Democrat Party. How well is that working? How many people is that actually persuading?

The problem is (and I'm dead serious about this) we're dealing with children in adult bodies, when we talk about the low-information voter out there, dealing with intellectual children. They are strictly feel. They are strictly emotion, and they do not like being told, "I told you so." They hate it. They recoil. They will stay mired in what is incorrect and wrong on purpose just to defy you, if you approach them with a, "See, I told you so." That's why the art of persuasion...

I have spent countless hours on this program explaining the art of persuasion, and it's not done wagging a finger in somebody's face, and it's not done poking 'em in the chest. The simple best way that I've found is to set up circumstances where they conclude what's right without them having any idea you've told them, without them having any idea you have steered them. But if you tell 'em that an emotional investment they made was wrong, when they think it was an intellectual investment, all they're gonna hear is, "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!"

You're gonna be in, "See, I told you so," mode, and the last thing they want is to be wrong.

They don't chalk that up as learning.



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