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New Two If By Tea Sweepstakes!

RUSH: We're getting into tea season now.  It's April.  New iPads are coming, new iPhones, and a new Two If By Tea sweepstakes to announce today. ... Grand prize winners, five grand towards a mortgage or credit card bill. In addition to the sum of cash, grand prize winners, two of them, each receive a round trip ticket for two to anywhere in the continental US, to be used for any occasion.

Deaf Host, Blind Caller, No Apologies

RUSH: Hearing is the one disability where it's your fault. They never tell a blind person, "Well, just focus!" They never tell the guy who limps, "Just stop limping!" And I'm not gonna apologize for not getting to the story about people who never apologize being happier. It just didn't happen today. Deal with it.